IFS Cloud upgrade - how to reduce risks with low-code tools!

The DIAG Congress, organized on November 16th and 17th by the German-speaking IFS User Group (DIAG), is an event focused on current developments in IFS products, services, and technologies. Held at the historical Carl-Benz Museum, the two-day event featured presentation sessions and networking opportunities for representatives from over 50 DIAG member companies. 


Novacura proudly served as a Premium Sponsor for this event. 

IFS Cloud – staying evergreen with the support of low-code tools

As active participants in this event, we seized the opportunity to delve into crucial aspects of the IFS ecosystem, particularly the IFS Cloud. We emphasized the advantages it offers to companies utilizing this widely adopted ERP system. Notably, the IFS Cloud is an evergreen solution, introducing new functionalities every six months and receiving monthly service updates. Moreover, leveraging the power of low-code tools can unlock even more potential within this system. 


This was the topic of Johannes Steger and Ergino Kastrati presentation.   

Novacura Flow - low-code tool to expand IFS

Novacura Flow is a platform designed to enhance ERP systems and support your transition to IFS Cloud. How? 

  • It enables you to build your own applications without coding; customers design applications as business processes. 
  • Every app created with Novacura Flow functions seamlessly across all platforms, including barcode scanners. 
  • With deep ERP integration, Novacura Flow consistently interacts with ERP objects using authorized API methods. 

How does low-code assist our customers in upgrading to IFS Cloud?

Drawing from the insights gained through numerous successful upgrades to IFS Cloud, we have identified three key aspects of the challenges that may arise. In their presentation during the DIAG Congress, Johannes Steger, supported by Roel Veenman and Ergino Kastrati showcased these challenges and provided useful solutions.


  1. ERP modifications when upgrading to a newer version:

    – with Novacura Flow, you implement these “modifications” as separate ERP applications and when the new version come you simply reconnect Flow (and applications) to the new IFS Cloud version;

  2. Integration with legacy systems that don’t support cloud technologies:

    Novacura Flow is an integration gateway, and is built to utilize OData standards, ensuring seamless integration with IFS Cloud and a robust, high-performance solution for data management and process automation; 

  3. Differences between IFS Applications and IFS Cloud from the end-user perspective:

    The new IFS Cloud user interface differs from the IFS App in several ways. Consequently, the process of change can pose challenges for many users. At Novacura, we’ve developed a methodology where, in the early stages of an upgrade, we activate a test environment for super users. These users can explore the new version, identifying features that may be problematic. Leveraging our low-code tools, we can propose a compromise between the old and new environments as needed. 

Novacura Flow as Integration gateway.

Additionally, if super users identify any gaps between their system needs and IFS Cloud, Novacura Flow can easily address these without modifying the core IFS ERP system. 

As a Premium Sponsor, we would like to thank the DIAG Congress organizers and the entire IFS Community for a great event! 
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