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Novacura Flow improves Stadium’s e-commerce processes

Stadium decided to develop their system support for its ever-growing e-commerce business.The chosen solution was Novacura Flow, which quickly led to efficiency improvements of more than 30 percent!

E-commerce is growing all the time, and this is something that Stadium has noticed. As a result, the company started looking around at the end of last year for a solution to make its e-commerce business more efficient; a solution that would give smart order summaries and would make it quicker and easier for order pickers to put orders together. Stadium uses IFS Applications, but was not convinced about adapting the system to meet these new requirements.

Fredrik Persson
Fredrik PerssonStadium’s Online Business Area Manager
“We’ve achieved an average efficiency improvement of 33 percent for the period April to August. Our maximum capacity has increased, we’re saving time and the orders are ready quicker.”

“IFS could no doubt have dealt with our e-commerce order picking and the improvements we wanted to make,” says Stadium’s Online Warehouse Manager Kristian Jönsson. “But the timeframe was extremely long and there was a real risk that this could affect our other functions and adaptations in IFS, and that it wouldn’t be a standard solution.”

However, a more satisfactory solution was at hand.

“Stadium had previously used Novacura within another part of the business,” explains Fredrik Persson, Stadium’s Online Business Area Manager. “And it turned out that there was also a product, Novacura Flow, that could be suitable for our e-commerce operations.”

The Novacura Flow client compiles orders and enables order pickers to print out picking lists for received orders in batches as soon as they are ready. There are four different types of cart with different numbers of compartments, and the order picker can now follow a smart picking route, filling the compartments with goods without wasting effort or time.

“The picker takes a set route and ticks off the products picked into the cart,” continues Kristian. “Once the list is complete, the picker proceeds to a computer terminal, reports back and receives a receipt and shipping labels.”

33% efficiency improvement within the first five months.

So far, Novacura Flow has exceeded expectations:

“We’ve achieved an average efficiency improvement of 33 percent for the period April to August. Our maximum capacity has increased, we’re saving time and the orders are ready quicker.”

Another advantage is that Novacura Flow is so easy to operate that training new staff is straightforward. This makes life easier during campaigns and peak periods, when the number of order pickers can swell from five to forty.

“So we’ve saved time in a number of different ways,” says Fredrik.

Novacura’s Account Manager Klas Klasman is delighted to have been able to streamline Stadium’s e-commerce processes, and is particularly pleased to have adapted the design and functionality of Novacura Flow to suit Stadium’s requirements so quickly.

“We began implementation in January, and went live at the beginning of March. We’re extremely proud of that!” 

In brief

About Stadium

Stadium is Sweden’s largest sports chain and with the concept Stadium, Stadium Outlet and Stadium Pulse, the company has about 170 stores in Sweden, Finland and Germany.



The challenge

To find a solution for smart order summaries and that would enable quicker and easier order picking.

The result

33% more efficient e-commerce order handling within just a few months. Hardly no training for new staff.

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