Novacura Flow Capabilities:

Versatile user interface

Improve standard ERP user interface. Radically!

Novacura Flow offers versatile and flexibility in shaping the user interface for your ERP applications.

It goes far beyond the standard UI capabilities offered by even the most advanced ERP systems.

And this is available for all important systems and device sizes – from barcode scanners, via smartphones, to big desktop computers.

Why flow UI offers more than any ERP:

Native Mobile applications

We pay special attention to mobile devices, offering your employees the freedom of working from anywhere.

Novacura Flow for mobile devices is written as a native application for the two most popular systems – Apple iOS and Google Android. Thanks to it, the UI is very efficient and Novacura Flow can have access to all resources offered by devices: the microphone, camera, Bluetooth, local files, GPS and much more.

Despite it being a native application, users don’t have to upgrade their clients from “app stores” whenever the new ERP application version is ready – apps are refreshed automatically “inside” our mobile clients.

Design the user interface the way you want it

Novacura Flow offers a lot of different user-interface elements: menus, lists, calendars, image viewers, tables, hint windows, and much more. You can compose them and build the user interface exactly in the way you imagine it. And Novacura Flow allows you to separately design all forms for various device sizes: from vertical smartphones to horizontal desktops. 

Get access to the camera and microphone

Novacura Flow runs on mobile devices as a native application. It has access to a camera and a microphone. As a consequence, in your ERP applications, you are able to record voice memos, take a picture of a document or a real photo of a broken asset, or even record a video.

And all these materials will be put in the context of the workflow instance performed by the user when the media content was recorded.

Get a signature. Natural signature!

If you want to completely digitize your processes,  you will have to support the situations, where the user needs to sign a document. It is very easy to digitize this process with Novacura Flow. The manual signature field is available for application designers as any other interface element. Just drag it to your user form and get signatures as regular images. 

Scan a barcode from within any editable field

Novacura Flow is dedicated to working in industrial conditions, where every second matters.

Our user interface is optimized for users who perform 1000 operations per day (warehouse workers, service crew, etc.). Our UI team has optimized every single click in the UI.

We pay special attention to the use of barcodes. Scanning barcodes is available from any text field – an additional barcode icon enables users to scan data instead of typing them. And this is a generic feature – the ERP application designer doesn’t have to think about it!

Dark Mode

The dark mode is not only an aesthetic feature. In some businesses, where users must perform their work in low light conditions or at night, the dark user interface becomes a critical requirement to reduce eye strain. With the newest Novacura Flow Client, users can choose their preferred interface style.

Active notifications about new tasks

We know how important instant communication is in several businesses. Urgent issues or priority tasks need to be immediately received by the assignee. To support these situations, Novacura Flow displays active notifications about important events that occur in the application – even if the device screen is locked. Moreover, the user can click on the notification and get precisely directed to the urgent task.

Use Portal for advanced dashboards

In parallel to our mobile clients, we offer an advanced module called Novacura Flow Portal. This module is perfect for big dashboards that must present various data and charts in parallel.

Every Portal application is composed of separate UI elements called portlets. Portlets can be moved and scaled, can work in parallel and can interact with each other.

Portal - Interaction, planning and more

Contrary to popular BI tools, our Portal is designed to not only present data. You can build full-fledged applications, where users can interact with the data and may start complex workflows. It is typically used to perform several planning activities such as scheduling, moving tasks from one status to another, or invoking processes contextually connected to presented transactions.

Paint your portal: branding options

In our low-code platform, everything is customizable! You can set up colors and logos and make your application compliant with your visual identity.

This ability is perfect when you create B2B portals for your customers and suppliers.

You can also assign dedicated colors and icons for all Novacura Flow applications that you create.

Watch how to modify the user interface of the Novacura Flow Portal!


Watch this video to see how quickly you can modify the look of the UI in the Novacura Flow Portal.

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