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Novacura Flow fills ERP GAPS


Popular ERP systems have one common problem: they try to be equally good for all companies.

We know, that each company is unique and needs specific solutions.

ERP Application development in 4 steps:

1: draw your prpocess

Talk to your business draw your process. Talk to your business draw your process.Talk to your business draw your process.Talk to your business draw your process.Talk to your business draw your process.

2: Add User forms

Talk to your business draw your process. Talk to your business draw your process.Talk to your business draw your process.Talk to your business draw your process.Talk to your business draw your process.

Develop your app in 4 steps

Step 1: Draw your process

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Innovative approach:

Novacura Flow makes it easy to get more out of your ERP, MES and other business systems. With Flow, you can turn your business processes into simple, user-friendly, repeatable applications that put the right data in the right place at the right time. You don’t have to make compromises between your processes and your business systems. With Novacura Flow, your systems and processes are completely in sync—and completely adaptable.

Adding a tool or feature onto your existing business system (like your ERP) can mean extensive configuration, customization and hard-coding. And when there’s a new version of your ERP, you’ll have to update the add-on separately—and likely pay an IT expert to make sure everything works properly. But the Novacura Flow layer sits on top of your business systems, leveraging the data in the system to create powerful workflows and applications.

In the Novacura Flow layer, you’ll find two things:

  • Process applications that do exactly what you want them to
  • User interfaces that make your process applications into simple, user-friendly tools that your users can use anywhere, on any platform

These process applications can help with every aspect of your business, including:

  • employee time/mileage reporting
  • document approval
  • shipping and receiving
  • quality assurance
  • inventory management
  • fault reporting
  • work order management
  • job safety analysis
  • customer order management
  • barcode scanning
  • no need underlying business systems.

How does the Novacura Flow Layer work?:

1. Design your processes with Novacura Flow Studio.

You start by designing your processes exactly how you want them to work. If this bit of information should go to multiple places, it can. If a certain person needs to complete tasks in a certain order, set that up. Make processes that work exactly how you want them to: efficiently, conveniently, and properly.

2. Connect your processes to your business system(s).

Then, through the Novacura Flow layer, you connect your processes to your business systems. You can connect your processes to pretty much any business software, from databases to IoT sensors and everything in between. Record data once, and use that data wherever you need to use it.

3. Launch your new, powerful process application!

Finally, test and launch your new process application! You can push out a new app, or changes to existing apps, in just a few minutes. These apps will work on every device, from desktop computers to tablets, cellphones, barcode scanners, IoT devices, whatever you need.

The Novacura Flow Layer gives you:



When your processes are managed outside of your systems, it’s much faster/easier to make changes and adapt your processes to market conditions. Things that used to take weeks can now be done in minutes. This makes continuous improvement as easy as clicking a few buttons.



All of your business process apps have a user-friendly interface, meaning they’re simple and easy for everyone to use—even people who don’t like technology. And building workflows in the Novacura Flow Studio is as easy as drag, drop, configure.



You don’t need to sacrifice compliance for flexibility—or flexibility for compliance. With Novacura Flow, you can have the best of both worlds. Collect the data you need for compliance, and leverage that data to create efficient, optimized business processes too.

Iterate business processes

Measure your business performance and KPIs using the Novacura Flow Portal. Update your workflow wherever you need to, and deploy your improved workflow to all connected devices in just minutes. Adapt your processes whenever you need to. The Novacura Flow business process management platform makes continuous improvement ridiculously easy.
The basics of Business Process Management

“You can create sample data, build an application and validate it with the business without having a single line of code towards the back-end system. It gives us a tremendous advantage as we can utilize our IT resources and just do what the business requires.”

– Rasmus Lindell, Webmaster, Jula

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