This year, Novacura had the privilege of participating in the prestigious TUG CONNECTS 2024:ignite! conference, an essential gathering for the Infor community in the United States. Our team, including Jansen Davidson, Jared Burton and Paul Phillips, was excited to present innovative logistics and operational solutions fully integrated with Infor M3.

Enhancing Infor M3 with Novacura Flow

During the event, we showcased a comprehensive package of applications designed to expand and enhance the capabilities of Infor M3 systems, whether Infor 13.4 or Infor Cloud. These applications are meticulously crafted to support core process areas such as warehouse management, shop floor reporting, quality management, field service, maintenance and administration.

Our solutions, presented by Paul Phillips, are uniquely positioned to revolutionize standard Infor capabilities by providing a fully mobile, highly effective, and intuitive user interface. These applications not only integrate deeply with Infor M3 systems via specialized Infor connectors, ensuring seamless data exchange with the Infor database, but also empower users by acting as an alternative user interface.

The Power of Low-Code Customization

A standout feature of our applications is their low-code nature, allowing customers to independently modify or even build new applications by simply drawing process diagrams. This flexibility ensures that our solutions can adapt to evolving business needs without the need for complex programming.

Our applications have been implemented by numerous Infor M3 customers worldwide, showcasing our global reach and commitment to innovation. These solutions cover a broad spectrum of industries, including logistics & distribution, manufacturing, energy, and more, enhancing operational efficiencies across the board.

Spark Sessions: A Hub of Interaction

Our participation also included engaging in Spark sessions held in mini-theaters within the Solutions Center. These sessions provided a fantastic opportunity to highlight our solutions and connect with both new and existing customers, fostering discussions that drive the future of enterprise software integration.

As we reflect on our successful participation at TUG Connects 2024, we are inspired by the enthusiastic response from the Infor community and are excited about continuing to support businesses in their digital transformation journeys with our innovative solutions.

We extend our gratitude to the organizers of TUG Connects for a seamless and productive event, and we look forward to further enriching our partnerships within the Infor ecosystem in the years to come.