This year at IFS Connect Nordics 2024 in Copenhagen, Novacura showcased its commitment to enhancing manufacturing and logistics operations. Our participation highlighted how we integrate innovative solutions with IFS systems to foster efficiency and adaptability in the manufacturing sector.

Our Focus: Manufacturing Innovations

During our dedicated session in the Manufacturing track, titled “Increase Manufacturing Efficiency with Novacura Flow and IFS,” Aksel Jarlbäck, our VP of Sales, led a compelling presentation. We explored our suite of ready-made manufacturing and logistics applications, including advanced shop floor reporting and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). 

These applications are crafted on our low-code platform, Novacura Flow, and are seamlessly integrated with IFS systems, including IFS Cloud and IFS Applications.

Key Takeaways from Our Presentation

Our solutions are designed to be highly adaptable, allowing customers to tailor applications to meet their specific needs without modifying the core IFS system. 

This approach ensures that customers can maintain an evergreen status while enhancing functionality. The session emphasized how adding mobility, improving usability, and increasing supply chain visibility can significantly boost manufacturing efficiency.

Gratitude to the Organizers

We sincerely thank the organizers of IFS Connect Nordics 2024 for the chance to participate. Their efforts enabled a successful gathering of industry leaders, facilitating valuable exchanges and connections. We are grateful for their dedication and look forward to future collaborations.