On May 14 and 15, we had the great opportunity to participate in IFS Connect Eastern Europe, held in Warsaw, Poland. This two-day event attracted over 450 business representatives from the region, featured 40 thematic sessions, and included more than 50 speakers. Among the speakers was Łukasz Majer, Novacura’s Business Solutions and Marketing Director, who delivered a speech on ‘Practical Experiences from 6 Successful Upgrades to IFS Cloud.’

Our primary goal at the event was to share our expertise in IFS Cloud implementations, services, and upgrades from the Nordic markets, where we are recognized as an IFS Gold Channel Partner, with a broader Polish audience.

During the event, we focused on showcasing our expertise, providing practical knowledge and tips on upgrading to IFS Cloud, networking with other IFS Partners, and exploring future collaboration opportunities.

Practical Experiences From 6 Successful Upgrades To IFS Cloud

On May 15th, during the Unlock Technology Agility track, Łukasz shared his knowledge from six successful upgrades to IFS Cloud.

IFS Connect Poland 2024

Our session delved into the complex, yet critical process of upgrading ERP systems to IFS Cloud — a task at which Novacura is recognized as a leader in the Nordic countries. We shared valuable insights from our successful project executions, highlighting how preparation and strategy are key to mitigating risks associated with such significant transitions.

During the presentation, we discussed the intricacies of choosing among three upgrade strategies. We candidly shared the technical and organizational challenges encountered along the way and discussed common pitfalls, which can jeopardize the project’s success.

A pivotal part of our discussion was aimed at helping businesses decide whether to initiate an upgrade now or wait. We emphasized that while the “evergreen” approach is appealing, it requires a properly executed upgrade to be truly effective and sustainable.

Our experience underscores that a well-prepared partner and client are essential to a successful upgrade. The insights we shared are not just reflections on past projects but also guidelines for future endeavors, ensuring that ERP upgrades enhance rather than disrupt business operations.

The key takeaways from Łukasz’s presentation were:

  • How to avoid risks during an ERP upgrade
  • Which upgrade strategies to choose
  • Potential problems arising from incorrectly using the ‘Manager Cloud’ variant
  • Why ‘evergreen’ remains an empty slogan if the upgrade is done incorrectly
  • Whether it is worth starting the upgrade now or waiting


IFS Connect was an event of two intense days filled with interesting presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities. We had many fascinating conversations at our blue booth, where you had the chance to meet Dorota Kopacka, Lars Steen, and Tomasz Czerwiński.

For our guests, we had prepared demonstrations of Novacura Flow and gifts in the form of Lego Technic sets, which are related to the industries using ERP solutions.

We greatly value these kinds of meetings because they give us the opportunity to learn directly from you about your problems, needs, and the solutions you are seeking.


Gratitude and Next Steps

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers of IFS Connect Eastern Europe for facilitating a platform where such essential discussions can take place. We also appreciate the engagement of all participants who joined us to gain insights into successful IFS Cloud upgrades.

Looking ahead, we are more committed than ever to supporting organizations in their digital transformation journeys and ensuring they reap the full benefits of IFS Cloud.