IFS Connect DACH 2024

This year, we were proud to participate in the IFS Connect DACH, a conference that brought together industry leaders to discuss the future of enterprise software and technology solutions. Our team, including Ergino Kastrati, Johannes Steger and Roel Veenman, was thrilled to present our advanced logistics solutions, showcasing how they seamlessly integrate with IFS to drive efficiency and innovation in logistics operations.

Emphasizing Integration and Efficiency

At the conference, Novacura highlighted how our logistics solutions—built on the Novacura Flow low-code platform—enhance the capabilities of IFS applications. Our presentations focused on demonstrating the practical applications of our technology in real-world scenarios, emphasizing how they can solve complex logistics challenges.

Key Features of Our Logistics Solutions

Our logistics applications are designed to improve operational efficiency by enhancing data visibility, streamlining processes, and facilitating better decision-making. Key features include:
Real-time tracking and management of inventory and shipments.
Enhanced usability with intuitive interfaces and mobile solutions.
Customization capabilities allowing businesses to tailor solutions to their specific needs without impacting core system functionality.
And much more.

The Impact on Industry

Participants at IFS Connect DACH had the opportunity to see firsthand how integrating Novacura’s logistics solutions with IFS applications could transform their operations. Our solutions enable businesses to optimize their logistics and supply chain processes, leading to reduced costs, improved service levels, and greater agility.
The feedback and interactions at IFS Connect DACH were incredibly positive, inspiring us to continue our mission to innovate and support industries with advanced technological solutions. We are excited about the future collaborations and opportunities to further enhance logistics operations with our cutting-edge solutions.
We extend our deepest thanks to the organizers of IFS Connect DACH for a successful event and to all the attendees who engaged with us. We look forward to continuing these conversations and leading the way in logistics innovation.