IFS is a market-driven organization that provides ERP systems to companies in various industries. IFS is committed to building relationships with customers and partners through annual meetings held in 2023 under the name IFS Connect. In the first half of the year, IFS has already held several conferences worldwide, from Europe and the Middle East to the U.S. market.

On June 13-14, Novacura participated in the latest edition of the IFS Connect conference organized in North America in Minneapolis, USA. The event was organized exclusively for IFS users and its partners. Novacura representatives present at the event, Jerry Martin, Paul Phillips, Greg Warner, and Jansen Davidson, answered business questions about operational development in the IFS environment.

Novacura, as a long-time IFS partner and gold sponsor of the event, had the opportunity to lead one presentation. We invited one of our U.S. customers, Mistras, to share interesting insights on using our flagship product Novacura Flow.

IFS Connect North America venue. The event was held at US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Novacura and A Journey to IFS Cloud

The first day of the IFS Connect North America conference included a presentation by Jansen Davidson (Novacura) and Andrew Wilhelm (Mistras). During the presentation, the speakers gave the audience an agenda on successfully upgrading to IFS Cloud. The agenda included the following topics:

  • IFS Cloud Journey – Mistras MDX Story
  • Common challenges moving to Cloud
  • Go Live vs. User Adoption

As part of these points, Jansen Davidson explained how Novacura works. He told the audience how operational personnel can draw applications as a business process and how this Novacura supports integration with IFS Cloud and other services the company may use.

One of the slides from Novacura’s presentation included a view of the Novacura Flow platform interface designed to draw business processes.

During the presentation, it was explained that Novacura Flow can also be used as an integration gateway for an ERP system.

In the second part of the presentation, Andrew Wilhelm, Vice President of Mistras, briefly shared his experience with IFS Cloud Journey. The audience could listen to the following insights on the agenda:

  • Treat as a new IFS implementation,
  • Stay out-of-box with IFS Cloud
  • Leave mods./customizations behind
  • Eliminate technical debt

One of the slides in the presentation outlines the steps involved in migrating Mistras to IFS Cloud and the conclusions drawn from the user experience.

Jansen Davidson, Novacura (left) and Andrew Wilhelm (Mistras) during the presentation.

Watch the presentation

Watch the entire Novacura customer case presentation with Mistras Group on our YouTube channel.


We are very grateful to our customer Mistras for participating in IFS Connect and sharing their thoughts on using Novacura Flow in their daily work. It was a great pleasure to host the presentation with our customer.

See more on our blog about customers who have already implemented Novacura Flow. We have more than 200 implementations worldwide in various industries. We support manufacturing, logistics and distribution, mining, energy industry, construction, and many others. We provide consulting services for IFS and Novacura Flow users.

Customer case

Learn more about implementation from Novacura in U.S. base company Jensen Precast.

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