10 – 11 October, 2023

Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol, A4 3, 2132 MA Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Infor M3 ERP has a wide network of satisfied users in many countries. In the ever-evolving environment of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, collaboration and knowledge sharing have become crucial to remain relevant to market demand. Among the organizations leading the way is the M3 User Association (M3UA), an independent non-profit team of people gathered to prosper in the environment of Infor M3 users.

The M3UA was established with a clear mission in mind: to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among its member companies and to represent their collective interests in all matters.

Novacura was in high demand at the event.

Novacura has a brilliant opportunity to take part in the latest conference organized by M3UA in the Netherlands. It was a great time that we used to share our experience about Infor M3 ERP system and present our software solution that solves business problems and has already found many users across the world.

Infor M3 and Novacura - a supportive and learning community

Users’ experiences that come from ERP systems can vary. There are more satisfied and less satisfied users. This second group consists of people who are forced to use ERP systems in their daily work but cannot perform certain system operations. One of those problems is the lack of required transactions in the system ERP that doesn’t allow them to act properly toward business operations.

Infor M3 isn’t an exception in that field. Everyone knows that in the ongoing digital transformation, operations personnel, whether it’s administration, warehouse personnel, or manufacturing employees, could have an easier life if they could rely more on digitized operations and remove paperwork from daily tasks.

We focused a lot on what visitors to our booth were saying (pictured in the middle is Aksel Jarlbäck). There is always some room for improvement.

Here is the actual room for Novacura Flow, which provides a mobile solution connected with the Infor M3 system. This innovative solution based on Low-Code technology enables Infor M3 users to build their solutions in a user-friendly way on top of its core system ERP. Novacura provides mobile and desktop apps that extend ERP capabilities without costly modifications.

Reaching us globally

The M3 User Association (M3UA) stands as a testament to the power of collaboration within the world of ERP systems. The association brings together Infor M3 user companies and fosters a positive culture for business development.

Aksel Jarlbäck and Ergino Kastrati, sales team from Novacura.

At Novacura, we truly appreciate the opportunity to be present during the conference. The Infor M3 ERP ecosystem is incredibly developing, and we’re glad that many visitors were interested in our solutions. We would like to thank all our visitors and even organizers. It was a great pleasure to be with you in the Netherlands.

Do you want to know more about our solutions? Our experts Ergino Kastrati and Aksel Jarlbäck, whom you probably met during the conference, will be glad to answer your questions. We also hire Infor M3 experts like Adam Wojtyniak, who have a deep understanding of Infor M3 ERP. Visit our website and Marketplace to see what solutions we may provide to your business. Contact us today.