Predict empty stocks, keep track of every unit,
integrate with production / demand plans, use barcodes, RFID and more.

  • Step-by-step user interface, that reduces staff onboarding time
  • Already integrated with IFS, SAP, Infor M3 and other ERP –
    no technical issues during implementation
  • Customizable – you can change application behaviour
    by simply drawing your own warehouse processes 

“Thanks to this solution, warehouse workers have increased their efficiency by about 30%, and the error rate has dropped radically.”

Leif Repo

Logistics Manager, Specma AB


The Inventory Management Solution comprises different warehouse apps used to reduce errors and increase the productivity of warehouse operations processes.

Total mobility and barcode system

Holistic view of inventory and accurate inventory management.

Good traceability from dock to stock

Incoming and outgoing with no missing units or overshipped.


Instant access to up-to-date information and data exchange with the ERP system.

Optimize picking paths

Picking different materials and components across the entire inventory with optimal picking path.

Ensure production sustainability

Issue materials for production and prevent downtime of production process.

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220+ Customers - all continents, big companies, and various industries.

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Our Software Platform:

Customized solutions integrated with ERP

We consider the ERP system as the base of all operations. Everything users do in Novacura apps is immediately visible in the ERP system.

Our applications run on a software platform – Novacura Flow. One of the key features of this platform is that it can run on any device – from barcode scanners, to cell phones and tablets, to workstations with large screens. Our platform allow to build applications from base or modify in many variants.


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