The IFS Asiakaspäivä 2024 took place in Helsinki bringing together key players in the local IFS ecosystem. Östen Westman, representing Novacura, delivered an insightful presentation titled “IFS Cloud Upgrade: How to Keep Your ERP Core Modifications Free.” The session focused on strategies for maintaining a clean ERP core, essential for leveraging the Evergreen capabilities of IFS Cloud.

Key highlights

Östen Westman’s presentation provided a deep dive into the challenges of ERP upgrades and the innovative solutions offered by Novacura. He elaborated on how Novacura Flow, a powerful low-code platform, allows businesses to adapt and extend their ERP functionalities without direct modifications to the core system. This approach ensures that ERP systems remain clean and ready for seamless upgrades to new versions.

Östen Westman shared case studies demonstrating the practical applications of Novacura Flow. He highlighted its role in streamlining complex processes such as mobile work orders, multi-company project setups, and maintenance planning. This is achieved through the platform’s ability to create dedicated ERP applications that operate independently but integrate seamlessly with the core IFS system.

Additionally, Östen Westman addressed common misconceptions about ERP modifications in the Evergreen world, explaining why traditional modifications can hinder upgrade paths and how Novacura Flow circumvents these issues by using official ERP APIs and a dedicated integration layer that preserves the integrity of the ERP core.

If you’d like to learn more about IFS Upgrade strategies, we have prepared over four hours of informative webinars. These sessions are designed to provide extensive insights and practical advice on optimizing your upgrade processes.

As a sponsor of the event, we would like to express our gratitude to the organizers, partners and IFSiders, for making this event a remarkable success!