We´ve noticed a gap that is causing an issue with information accuracy due to a broken information flow between operational systems (used in daily production) and business systems, like planning systems, reporting systems and financial systems.

This “gap” consists of 3 elementary problems:

Information is gathered manually

Very often by maintenance activities. It increases maintenance costs but causes another big problem: downtime. Maintenance measures are often disruptive to production and in many cases, a machine must be switched off to be able to perform certain measures. dfg esgfwsefaw

Information comes too late

Decision-makers (that operate at the business systems level) cannot see accurate and up-to-date information since it’s gathered and imported manually. It generates delays counted in days. And it has a fundamental impact on planning accuracy and the quality of decisions made by planning managers.

Information is not precise enough

Because of the problem with the manual gathering of the information and its disruptive impact on the production, the operation is not measured on every production stage with the required quality. It means that decision-makers, even if they measure some problem at the end, cannot effortlessly identify the root of the issue in the process.


And the scale of the problem is big – the utilization in the mining industry compared to other similar industries is still relatively low.

Typical mining facility can be at 65-70% availability, while – i.e. hydropower production in hydropower plants achieve 98 - 99.5% availability around the clock. This simple comparison shows the scale of the potential that still resides in mining.
Östen Westman
Novacura, Sales Director

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A communication gateway is a good solution

In Novacura, over many years of working within the mining industry, we have developed a technology that solves the above problems. 

Our proposed solution is to implement Novacura FLOW to act as a Communication Gateway to gather and transmit information from operations to business systems.

How to connect mining equipment to business system?

Find information on how to increase operational efficiency by improving the accuracy of information provided to managers.

Thanks to the AI engine connected to the solution (which is available right now in our platform), we will be able to predict future damages and reduce maintenance costs and production breaks.