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Our support agreements may vary between customers, but whether we are providing daily support for your business or just stepping in when a problem develops, we are always very particular about identifying a solution quickly!

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Novacura Support

We offer a wide range of helpdesk services for IFS Applications and Novacura’s own products. The range encompasses everything from reception and routing of issues to 1st and 2nd line support and all manner of expert consultancy. This is where you can get assistance with questions and problems as well as any improvements required.

There are numerous benefits with the Novacura support:

  • Guaranteed period of uptime for each customer

  • Agreements tailored to suit your business

  • Agreements tailored to suit support needs, big or small

  • Rapid response time

  • Swedish and English-speaking personnel

  • Scope for reporting issues around the clock

  • Multiple reporting channels, including support-web, e-mail and telephone

  • Option to replace unused hours with continuous services

Our agreements

Novacura offer a variety of agreements tailored to suit the support needs of your business. Irrespective of whether a customer requires daily support, demanding a rapid response and swift investigation, or assistance now and then with more complex support issues, we can put together a suitable package.

Our support agreements are composed from a basic package and various building blocks that reflect preferred response time and desired number of support hours (for a period of up to one year). The basic package is included in all agreements, while the building blocks are chosen by the customer according to their business needs.
Reconciliation of work hours and monitoring is performed against the agreement monthly.

Time bank

Time bank volume reflects the required number of hours of guaranteed support. The more hours the lower the hourly rate. Hours in excess of the agreed amount are invoiced at the agreed hourly rate on an ongoing basis, in connection with the monthly charge. Unused hours cannot be carried forward to the next period.

Basic package

All helpdesk agreements include our basic package. The basic package provides support access by telephone, e-mail or reporting an issue via an online interface. Office hours for the personal telephone service are 08:00-17:00 (closed for lunch 12:00-13:00).

Our customers have free access to our issue management system JIRA, which displays all issues and provides a facility for producing statistics and overviews. Access to our issue management system for your own projects is also included.

The basic package also includes project management on the part of Novacura in respect to monitoring, prioritisation of issues, production of statistics and necessary administration in JIRA.

To design a unique agreement, we add two ‚building blocks‘ –Time Bank and SLA for response times – to our basic package according to the customers‘ needs.

Telephone number for support customers +46 31 – 760 46 01

SLA – Service Level Agreement

Our SLA levels are divided into three different packages, based on your needs in the event of reporting an issue. We offer three different levels of SLA where the basic SLA is included in the Basic package.

SLA LevelResponse Time (h):
Low Priority cases
Response Time (h):
Medium Priority cases
Response Time (h):
High Priority cases

The SLA levels have various response time, depending on the severity of the problem. A critical problem, for example, may have a response time from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the customer’s preferred category. We can, of course, offer our support services for fixed periods as well. This may be useful during upgrades or commissioning work when there is an increased temporary need for business support. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your support needs.

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