Reduce downtime and improve cost per ton

Mining services software 

Mining is a mission critical operation.

You can’t afford to continue with business as usual while your competitors embrace innovation—but you also can’t afford the downtime to experiment with new systems.

The Novacura Flow low-code platform helps you lower operating costs, improve facility uptime and drive up profits by putting the control of all your business processes in your hands. It’s fast, collaborative and flexible: all the things you want your business to be.


Novacura Flow makes mining more efficient

Novacura Flow provides you with real-time data on the things that matter most. This data translates into support for daily operational meetings, better accountability, and quick up- or down-sizing of operations to adjust to changing market conditions.

Best of all: everything in Flow is adaptable, customizable, and connected to your business systems. This means no more duplicate data. No more tiresome custom reports. Just the information you need, when you need it.

Reliable data - Novacura Flow for Mining

Operational planning

To improve production/operational planning, you need reliable forecasting. And to forecast reliably, you need accurate historical data. Novacura Flow gives you a more reliable value forecast into the Mining Design and as well as a better estimated Life of Mine. This helps you ensure that the Mining Operations are always drilling in the most cost-efficient area according to the drill plan.

Mining operations

How do you improve efficiency at the mine site? Start with better data collection. When you have a strong foundation of fast, reliable data, you can make better decisions—and make them faster, too. Novacura Flow enable you to build apps and tools to collect and manage data from equipment, loaders, scales and more. Automatically collect the data you need to make better decisions on and off site. Visualize your data in new ways. You can do it all with Novacura Flow.

REliable data with Novacura Flow in Mining


At any given moment, people need to know the status of the ore being enriched. By visualizing your processes and collecting real-time data with Novacura Flow, you can ensure that everyone has access to the right data at the right time. This improves efficiency, product quality, and productivity.


Our Logistics Track and Trace solution allows you to effectively manage resources throughout the supply chain journey from start to finish, with limited downtime for implementation. This solution can significantly improve the value chain without disrupting your current mining processes.  

Novacura Flow for Mining Operations

Novacura Flow apps for the mining industry

KPI tracking board

Track your important KPIs in real time

KPI tracking board

Get a holistic, real-time overview of all the most important KPIs. Make faster and more informed decisions in real-time, too. The KPI tracking board can be customized to show you the most important information first, and you can drill down into the data for more information. An essential part of the mine of the future. 

Loadout solution

Automate, track and print orders

Loadout solution

When you measure stock in millions of tons, you need a user-friendly way to keep track of shipment data. The Flow loadout solution lets workers see open orders, check in a truck, track what’s loaded into trucks and railcars, and print out a bill of weighting… all from their tablet or mobile device. And all the data is recorded in your ERP in real-time.

Custom mining apps

Apps for the way your mine works

Custom-made mining solutions

If you’ve been searching for the right solution and coming up empty, contact Novacura today. Our solution consultants will work with you to design a solution that does everything you want it to do.

Novacura Mining Logistics whitepaper

Digitizing Logistics Across the Mining Supply Chain

Our Logistics track and trace portal, a Kanban board, allows for visual tracking and analyzing of logistics processes such as:

• material quantity on hand at each location
• material quantity in transit
• number of vehicles in transit


How to quickly transition from deposit to operations

Financing is one of your top concerns but don´t miss important issues like ERP processes and platforms. Plan for these issues early, or you might get problems later on in the form of:

  • lack of control in purchasing
  • poor project management control
  • lower productivity across the board


Schedule a call with a mining industry expert to learn more. 

Östen Westman Sales Director Novacura

Östen Westman, Sales Director

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