Novacura Flow for the Energy industry

Integrate your systems and stay truly mobile in the field

Become safe, mobile and connected

In the energy sector, it´s vital to protect your big investments. All the way from heat and power production to distribution and consumption Novacura Flow can play a part. We have integrated with all these parts at different customers and provided tools to give better mobility, collaboration and overall automation.

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We support the entire energy life-cycle

The energy industry is one of our focused business areas. Here are a few examples of what we´ve done for customers.

  • Mobile apps for work order handling, making sure field personnel always updates systems with correct data.
  • Portals creating a better interface for work order planning, purchasing and back-office administration
  • Offline capabilities and connecting to best-of-breed systems to make sure that you are aligned with current demands.
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„There’s much more collaboration between departments now(…) Before, everyone had different systems.“

Patrik Forslund Systems Manager, Jämtkraft

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Increased mobility

It´s mandatory to maintain the operation and be able to handle work in the field in any energy organization. We´ve made sure that the field-service personnel has all necessary mobile access and any tools needed to operate in the field. Work order handling, checklists, meter changes, warehouse management are just some areas we cover.
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Better collaboration

Scheduling and collaborating are what gives efficiency. A close connection between leaders, planners and the field-personnel is best accomplished through portals where you can handle more data and get an overall view of the workload, resources and geographical spread of your work.
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Maintained safety

A major key in energy is, of course, safety. Our solutions have played a crucial part in making sure safety is maintained at a high-level throughout your processes. Connect Flow to your ERP system to gain visibility of which safety measures that need to be done and also keep the system updated. Electricity safety leader processes and other supporting solutions have been created to make sure that Novacura supports your demands.

Customers within the energy sector that are already using Novacura Flow

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Östen Westman
Sales Director Nordics

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