Watch a demo of how you can use Flow for RFQ

RFQ demo in Novacura FlowHere is an example of using Novacura Flow for a Request For Quotation (with a touch of Configure To Engineer and Configure to Order)

This is a recorded demo where we go through how we build and execute a process for letting a potential customer create a RFQ (Request for Quotation) and how the Sales team collaborates with the internal Engineer team in order to build a Quotation to send out to the RFQ petitioner.

We look at the purpose of Roles and Swim lanes in Novacura Flow and how those are integrated with inboxes. We also look at the grid view with depended drop downs.
Since this is done as a demo it is simplified a little to be able to show the functionality more than a specific solution.

Go to our YouTube-channel to view this and other Novacura movies>

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