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Shorter lead times, higher service levels and time savings

Veolia provides a comprehensive range of customized technical services within real estate, energy and industry. Its customers are usually the owners and/or managers of complex properties, energy plants and industries.

Veolia’s values involve a clear focus on customer benefit and customer value; its ability to shorten lead times until the engineer is on site, and to give the customer the opportunity to follow the process, is in keeping with those values.

“We chose Novacura Flow for three main reasons,” explains Kristina Nerg, CIO, who is responsible for the project at Veolia. “The first advantage is that the tool is directly linked to our business system from IFS and automatically updates with the mobile clients. Our previous solution was to synchronize the mobile clients with the business system, which often resulted in errors of various kinds.”

Jan WalldorfSite Manager
“Customers can follow work performed by our engineers in real time via our customer portal as the engineer updates the relevant information directly from their tablet”

“The second advantage – and where the tool excels – is that several different systems can be linked to it, not just our business system. Our main goal for the project and implementation of Novacura Flow is to allow our mobile engineers to manage all their work using their tablets in order to be completely independent of location and computer access. We are moving from work orders retrieved physically from shared office computers to a system where each of our engineers works from their own tablet.

“The third and final reason is that the tool allows us to modify and correct flows.”

Quick and efficient

With Novacura Flow, engineers receive their work orders directly to their tablets once the customer has reported a fault by telephone or via the Veolia website. In addition to information about the customer, they can also see what is wrong, where the fault occurred and up-to-date contact information. The automatic allocation of assignments uses the “Available”, “Right skills” and “In vicinity” parameters.

“Customers can follow work performed by our engineers in real time via our customer portal as the engineer updates the relevant information directly from their tablet,” explains Site Manager Jan Walldorf. “We are quickly on the scene, the customer receives a quick response and in most cases we can process a fault report to the invoice stage on the same day.

“At the moment we are implementing Novacura Flow 5, which has an even better interface between humans and machines and is truly user-friendly,” says Jan Walldorf.

New working methods free up time for supervisors in the field

Thanks to Flow 5, supervisors will have an improved overview of the engineers and their daily work, as the engineers will also report their hours, request leave and report in sick using the tool. The new tool means that engineers will need to be more active with their tablets and that in turn means that Veolia will be able to prioritise the most urgent tasks first.

“We will free up time for supervisors to be out on site with engineers for meetings and assistance in various situations, because we still need to meet and talk to one another, despite the technology,” explains Jan. “We will be more effective with less environmental impact and greater customer value.”

The very benefits described by Kristina Nerg and Jan Walldorf when using Novacura Flow are the basis of the tool. Novacura Flow is intended to be the bond between operations and the business system, with the latter controlled by the former, rather than the other way around.

“Regardless of business system, Novacura Flow ensures that the variety of systems used by customers interact,” explains Petter Larsson from Novacura AB. “Systems must be able to interact for the benefit of the business and must also be guided by the precise focus of the business. This means we have to understand the business in order to help the customer improve its processes.”

An unpretentious and creative partnership creates success

Veolia and Novacura have been cooperating for many years, and the new project with Novacura Flow 4 and now Novacura Flow 5 is one in a series of successful collaborations. For example Novacura has supplied the web-based Customer Portal and integration platform.

“Novacura is very good at getting to the heart of the business’s different processes and does not follow predictable routes, but is actually very creative,” praises Kristina Nerg. “Above all, I appreciate that they offer concepts that go against the ideas we have already had – discussions are interesting and ultimately we end up with an excellent tool.”

“During the first phase, we focused on our mobile engineers, but we also have engineers stationed permanently at hospitals and larger industrial sites, for instance. These engineers will also be integrated into the new tool at some point in the future.”

In brief

About Anticimex

Anticimex is the modern pest control company. Through prevention, new technology and sustainable solutions, they meet the new demands for healthy environments, for both individuals and companies worldwide.


Asset Service Industry

The challenge

Boost solution, processes and organisation to a new higher level to continue to be the leading player within their own sector.

The result

The project will modernise Anticimex’s most business-critical systems, elevate internal expertise and create a basis for efficient processes, making it possible to achieve Anticimex’s overall objective – “World-class service”.

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Shorter lead times, higher service levels and time savings

This may well sound like a utopia, and even three concepts that seem impossible to combine. However, it has been the reality for the Veolia Group’s activities in Sweden for a while now, thanks to a partnership between Veolia and Novacura.

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