Novacura’s solution was the most flexible

Agder Energi uses Novacura Flow

Photo: Agder Energi

Agder Energi processes and manages renewable energy. The group’s operations include the production, distribution and sale of renewable energy and energy-related services.

When Agder Energi Vattenkraft recently decided to look for a solution to simplify time reporting and improve the efficiency of its maintenance system, it chose Novacura and Flow.

“We use IFS as our business system, and we were looking for a solution that could interact with IFS well,” explains Sverre Mykland, Hydroelectric Quality Manager at Agder Energi. “Novacura’s Flow was the most flexible alternative available.”

The company previously worked directly in the IFS client. “We’ve often taken paper copies of work orders to the workplace and made notes on them there, before ultimately reporting the information into IFS from a computer.” Several stages will be streamlined using Flow.“This solution enables us to work with work orders both on a tablet and on a mobile phone, including for reporting measurement values and hours.”

One of the big advantages of Flow is that users can incorporate their own processes into the software relatively simply.
“We’ll now be able to include needs that a ready-made solution can’t deal with. And as we grow as a business, the solution can be expanded. In the long term, I look forward to building simple flows for several of our work stages, such as receipt of goods and placing orders. The aim is to interrupt our work as little as possible to carry out reporting and simple administrative tasks.”

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