Novacura in new collaboration with Elinorr

Novacura will supply a growing number of new system solutions in Norrland, Sweden, as a result of the signing of a new framework agreement. Elinorr, the financial association that includes eighteen electricity companies in the region, signed the agreement with Novacura in November 2016. It is valid for four years with an option for extension.

Elinorr has responsibility for 294,000 customers and 2,500 million grid networks in southern and central Norrland. Around 550 personnel are employed at the eighteen companies under its wing. The Novacura solution that Elinorr has chosen to invest in will assist with planning and execution of cases and work orders. It combines an IFS maintenance solution with Novacura Flow’s process configuration to provide a mobile portal for reporting and administration, as well as helping to increase speed and security.

Novacura Maintenance Service”For many years, Novacura has worked with energy industry players in various critical projects. We are very excited to now get this opportunity to help Elinorr members with this planning solution,” says Östen Westman, Sales Manager and Partner at Novacura Sverige AB.

Jämtkraft Elnät AB, the largest of the electricity companies within Elinorr’s remit, made a call-off shortly after the signing of the framework agreement. The projected started in January they will go live with the solution during the summer of 2017.

JämtkraftAccording to Östen Westman, the initial feedback from Jämtkraft’s personnel who have tested the technology has been very positive. “There is often some resistance towards changing routines at the outset. However, we gather that it was quickly embraced as flexible and easy-to-use. The combination of IFS Applications and Novacura Flow offers both deep and wide functionality complemented by the freedom to define how the mobile processes are designed.”

The largest company activating a call-off so soon into the framework agreement process represents a significant head-start for the project from Novacura’s perspective. Meanwhile, the new solution is set to be actively adopted by more Elinorr companies. ”Elinorr has the task of supporting member companies in different areas and we look forward to Novacura’s new solution further improving accessibility and service for our members’ customers,” says Göran Hamlund, Operations Manager Elinorr.

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