Norwegian state energy company Hafslund chooses Novacura

Novacura has won the assignment to deliver a system solution for mobile field service to Norwegian energy company Hafslund. Hafslund will implement Novacura Flow in their upcoming work of replacing their electric meters in the Oslo region, but the intentions of both parties is for Hafslund to continue working with Novacura Flow in their day to day business.

– Previously, their technicians documented their work with pen and paper. With Novacura Flow, they will be able to report their work faster and safer which means more effective work processes. Novacura Flow will streamline Hafslund’s work and save them both time and money, says Aksel Jarlbäck, Novacura’s Norway Manager.

The deal with Hafslund is Novacura’s second major assignment in Norway, previously the state electricity company Statnett chose Novacura Flow to streamline their work processes.
– The fact that we now have both Hafslund and Statnett, two state owned companies, as clients shows that we are one of the strongest players in the mobile service area. We are relatively new on the Norwegian market but with these two assignments and more coming in, we’ve already achieved success. We’re also in the process of opening our first office in Norway, says Aksel Jarlbäck.

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