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Worksite Field Reporting for IFS Applications

Manage your crew, track materials, and access project plan details from wherever you are.

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All the documents you need. Whenever you need them.

You’ve got too much to do to be running back and forth to the office. With the Novacura Worksite Field Reporting app, you have access to all the documents, forms, images, and blueprints you need—right from your mobile device. And if you find an issue on the job, you can take a picture of it, upload it to the app, and let others know that it needs to be fixed.

Easy to use, hard to mess up.

The most comprehensive reporting tool won’t work if no-one uses it. That’s why Novacura’s Worksite Field Reporting app was designed with simplicity in mind. The clean user interface makes the app easy to understand and use, leading to immediate buy-in from your field workers.

Time reporting has never been easier.

Report your time in just a few clicks. Set up crew time and report the hours for your whole team in seconds. Spend less time on administration and more time doing the things you want to be doing.

Built to work with IFS Applications.

Novacura’s Worksite Field Reporting app is designed to connect and integrate to the IFS Applications ERP. If you’re using IFS Applications, our app will send and receive data from IFS Applications—no lengthy testing or API configuration required.

From $40/user/month

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Similar products cost a lot more and don’t work as well as Novacura’s Worksite Field Reporting app. While you might be able to carry out the basic functions, the integration to your business systems is basically nonexistent.


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