Sauna giant Tylö becomes new customer of Novacura

Tylö uses Novacura Flow

Photo by Tylö

Tylö AB is the world’s leading manufacturer of stimulating environments for saunas, showers and steam baths. Products are developed and manufactured at their own factory in Halmstad, comprising 20,000 m2 of production facilities. The sauna manufacturer is also a new and exciting customer for Novacura.

“Novacura is initially helping us to streamline and consolidate our logistics processes in production and warehousing. The mobile solution expands our capacity to meet customers’ demands for rapid and accurate deliveries, without making changes to our existing business system. We see a great need in the future too for increased flexibility and service levels for our customers, more and more of whom are consumers alongside the customary dealers. For us, this means a greater number of smaller deliveries. A smart, mobile platform is an important tool for managing this change effectively,” says Emil Tambolas, IT Manager at Tylö.

One crucial parameter in the collaboration is that Novacura Flow also works well with Tylö’s existing business system Jeeves.

“With everything we have launched so far on the Novacura platform, the system has worked really well. One major advantage is that we can gradually transfer parts of business processes without other functions in the business system being affected or having to be adapted.”

In the long term Emil Tambolas sees great potential in being able to deliver commercial benefit and process support using Novacura Flow.
“Our plan is to transfer more business processes to Novacura. We see major benefits in being able to manage and present our processes in a simple and effective way to users, on a mobile and flexible platform. We also see great potential in using the Portal for external processes, for which we currently use a VPN or Citrix solution. The repayment period for the investment is short, less than twelve months.”

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Sauna giant Tylö becomes new customer of Novacura

The major benefits of managing and presenting their processes in an efficient way on a mobile platform and being able to use the system for external processes were strong persuasive factors in Tylö’s recent choice to use Novacura Flow.

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