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Office Integration for IFS Applications

Create your own applications in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project, directly integrated with IFS Applications. Use these for budgeting, data migration, planning and much more.

Office integrations for IFS Applications

With Novacura Office Integration you can create your own applications directly in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project. It´s totally flexible and everything you can do in IFS Applications can now be done in Excel or Project!

Use the power of Microsoft Excel

With the power of Microsoft Excel you can easily update a large amount of data. You can gather information from various places in IFS Applications, calculate and update this information in Excel, and save the updated or new information back to IFS Applications. What takes hours to do in IFS, takes minutes to do in Excel!

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Optimal planning in Microsoft Project

Using the intelligent resource planning tools in Microsoft Project, you can easily plan virtually anything in IFS Applications. Everything from project activities and work orders to deliveries can now be planned in Microsoft Project. Build planning applications in Project that are 100% adapted to your needs and use all the features in Project to update IFS with optimal resource planning!

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Manufacturing Logistics Industry

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Imagine a warehouse where the reality is in sync with your systems, where all unnecessary work is eliminated, where there is no paperwork and everything is mobile, and where everything going out is 100% accurate. We can help you to use your creativity to design and realise the warehouse processes exactly as you want them.

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Asset Service

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Our competence within the field of maintenance, together with our solutions, brings simplicity, accuracy, mobility and predictability to your maintenance business. And it puts you where you want to be: in control.

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Project Based

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Our vast experience of large and complex projects allows you to improve your project management and execution. Precision, control and simplicity are important factors that our solutions support. And they do it all the way from construction to delivery.

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Business Process Management on ERP

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Business systems are complex by their very nature and, as a consequence, are always underutilised. We are experts in business systems and getting the most out of your business systems. We know the technology, we know the application and we know the business.