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Microsoft Office Integration for IFS Applications

With Novacura Flow, you can integrate IFS Applications and Microsoft Office together. Leverage the data in IFS Applications with the functionality of Microsoft Office and get more out of both! Create your own applications in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project, directly integrated with IFS: apps you can use for budgeting, data migration, planning and much more. Everything you can do in IFS Applications can now be done in Excel or Project!

Office integrations for IFS Applications

Microsoft Excel

With Novacura Excel Integration you can create your own applications directly in Microsoft Excel.
With the power of Microsoft Excel you can easily update a large amount of data. In your applications you can gather information from various places in IFS Applications, calculate and update this information in Excel and finally save the updated or new information back to IFS Applications. What takes hours to do in IFS takes only minutes in Excel!


You can do almost anything with Novacura Excel Integration. Whenever you need a powerful interface for data management on top IFS Applications, you can build a Flow app for it. Some examples of how you can use the Novacura Excel Integration include:

  • Budget management: Create all applications you need for your budgeting process. Collect the information you need from IFS Applications, update and save the budget directly from Excel.
  • Forecasting: Get all the current financial figures you need to make a better forecast. The forecast application automatically creates a new budget version that you can act upon.
  • Master scheduling: See an overview of shop orders and material needs to optimize you Master Scheduling.
  • Updating of customer and supplier price lists: Create applications for all you price lists with advanced price logic that matches your business need. Update the price lists directly from Excel. Prepared Excel sheets can also be sent to suppliers for update.
  • Manage purchase orders/dispatch advice: Simplify the purchase order process and dispatch advice management without having to implement an EDI solution. Prepared Excel sheets can be sent to the supplier which then can be imported to IFS Applications.

Microsoft Project

Novacura Project Integration (NCPI) is a plug-in for Microsoft Project that enables effective planning of projects in IFS Applications, for example work orders, operations, resources, projects or customer orders. With one click, you can download data from IFS Applications and, just as easily, save the updated data back to IFS.
NCPI creates a new tab in Microsoft Project with buttons for downloading and saving data. You can pull data from IFS, such as a work orders or project activities, and add it to the appropriate field in Microsoft Project. From there, you have access to all the functionality for graphical planning, resource usage, dependencies, lists and so on that Microsoft Project provides.
When you’re done, you just press “save data” and IFS is updated exactly in the way you have defined.


NCPI can be used whenever you need to compile and update planning-related information, including:

  • Project and portfolio overview: Get an instant overview of all ongoing projects and their statuses.
  • Project activity planning: Compile all the information for one project and its activities, as a project tree. All necessary information in one place and the all the functionality
  • Work order planning: Plan a large number of work orders at the same time, for a project or a plant revision.
  • Preventive maintenance planning: Get your entire maintenance plan into Microsoft Project and optimize your PM planning.


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“There was no end to the amount of paper… Now we work completely differently.”

– Mi Mathiessen, Chief Financial Officer and Controller, Älvstranden

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