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Novacura for IFS Applications

As an IFS channel partner, we can help you with licensing, implementation, data migration and IFS updates. And when you add Novacura Flow to the mix, you get an ERP system that doesn’t just work: it works exactly how you want it to.

Winner - IFS Channel partner of the year 2019

Benefits of Flow for IFS Applications

Our platform FLOW is ready to connect to the latest IFS Cloud version with our Odata connector

Read more about the Odata connector

Connect everything together

With Flow, you can connect everything to everything else with our system. Collect and store data however you want to, combine tasks from different systems into one seamless workflow. No more exporting data from one system to import it into another. Flow helps you access ALL your data, ALL your tasks—everything you need to make real improvements to your business processes. See a list of Novacura connectors.

More function, less customization

Flow isn’t an IFS add-on: it’s a stand-alone program that connects your ERP to all your other business systems, and lets you control how the data is used in each system. Flow isn’t hard-coded to your system, which means if you decide to upgrade (or even replace) your ERP, your processes stay intact. We call the place where your processes live the “Novacura Flow Layer”. Read more about the Novacura Flow Layer.

Simplify usability

IFS Applications is large and powerful, but it’s also complex. You need the training to use it properly. What Flow does is make it easier for everyone to use IFS Applications—and to understand what they’re supposed to do. It’s about transparency. It’s about value. It’s about putting business processes first, and making the technology fit the process (not the other way around). With Flow, you don’t have to choose between your processes and your ERP system. We make it easy to work exactly how you want to—and to adapt your processes whenever you need to. Learn more about Novacura Flow.

Extend your ERP with ready-to-use 3rd party solutions

Novacura FLOW can be used as an integration tool to utilize 3-rd party solution capabilities as it was a part of your IFS ERP system.
The perfect examples are: dedicated solutions for field services (like XMReality), solutions for Project Management of construction projects (like ProCore), freight exchange platforms (like PaceJet), invoice OCR and e-invoice processing (i.e. MediusFlow or Readit). For instance – by implementing the MediusFlow integration possible thanks to the Novacura FLOW, you can experience all the benefits of “touchless” invoice processing and take full control over your AP (read more about MediusFlow Integration).

Keep pace with technology

ERP systems are static and rigid. They’re designed to do what you need them to do right now—not to adapt to new ideas, new processes and new technologies. But in today’s era of Industry 4.0, technology is evolving faster than ever before. So how do you use these new tools when your ERP isn’t prepared for them? You use Flow. Flow is the middle ground between your systems and your tools. A way to future-proof your business and adapt to whatever innovations are around the corner.

Preserve your critical processes

We know both the product and the process like the back of our hand. We know what you can and can’t do with IFS Applications, and we know how to make things possible that you previously thought were impossible with Novacura Flow.

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How to extend IFS Applications with Novacura Flow

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Why IFS and Novacura are the way forward for the energy industry

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What else can we help you with in IFS Applications?

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When you use Novacura Flow and IFS Applications, you can:

Combine machine and human tasks in the same workflow

Break down silos between departments

Replace paper lists with customized mobile apps

Manage quality assurance

Gather and act on real-time data


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“Novacura always understood exactly what we wanted and always had an answer ready.”

Peter Helgesson, Plant Manager, IFÖ

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Novacura was named IFS Channel Partner of the Year in both 2017 and 2019. We can help you with everything related to IFS Applications. Get in touch with our experts to learn more.

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