Mobile, reusable processes

Novacura Flow for Jeeves ERP

Get the most out of Jeeves ERP—and simplify your business processes at the same time—with Novacura Flow. Simplify your everyday work with mobile apps, reusable processes and automated workflows. Novacura makes work easier so that you can spend more time on what’s important: providing value to your customers and clients.

Benefits of Flow for Jeeves ERP

Make powerful connections

Integrating Jeeves with other systems can be difficult. And while Jeeves might do 99% of what you want it to do, you also need to have a way to handle the 1% of things it can’t do—like turning your business processes into mobile-friendly applications. The power of Flow lies in how easy it is to connect all your systems together. When you have access to the processes and data from your entire organization all in one place, you can do almost anything: customer self-service portals, automated fault reporting, preventive maintenance, automated stock handling. Connect your MES, WMS, ERP, distribution, customer portal, supplier portal: whatever you want. See a list of all the Novacura Flow connectors.

Build your own mobile apps

Jeeves has great mobile capabilities, but it’s hard to turn those mobile capabilities into process-centric apps. With Flow’s low-code platform, you can make process-centric mobile apps that work on every device, online and offline. Start with some of our app templates and connect them to Jeeves, or build your own apps from scratch. There’s no data loss, no messy interfaces: just simple, easy-to-use tools for everyone. Low-code on the back-end, simple and easy UX on the front-end. Learn more about the Flow mobile platform.

Put your processes first

Jeeves is designed for flexibility. But even the most flexible ERP is designed to put technology—not processes—first. Flow helps you put your processes front and center, without sacrificing any of the power or flexibility of Jeeves ERP.

With Novacura Flow and Jeeves ERP together, you can create apps for

Automated fault reporting

Customer or supplier self-service portals

Barcode and RFID scanning

Mobile time and mileage reporting

Checking and receiving goods

Creating and assigning work orders

Traceability through the entire supply chain

Budget forecasting

…and a whole lot more


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“Thanks to this solution, warehouse workers have increased their efficiency by about 30 percent, and the error rate has dropped radically.”

-Leif Repo, Group Logistics Manager, Specma AB

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