Future-proof your maintenance and field service processes

Novacura Flow for IBM Maximo

When you combine Novacura Flow and IBM Maximo, you can improve the efficiency, usability and mobility of your business system. Flow gives you instant access to the entire business logic of IBM Maximo so that you can put your processes front and center. Build on the power of Maximo to help you take your business to the next level.

Maintenance with Novacura

Benefits of Flow for IBM Maximo

Your own mobile app platform

Mobile apps that work on every device, online and offline. That connect to IBM Maximo and your business processes at the same time. That you create yourself with Novacura Flow, and update whenever you need to. Say “no” to data loss, confusing interfaces and hard-to-use software. Say “yes” to greater efficiency, flexibility and value to customers. With Novacura Flow, you’re in control of all your business processes—and you can put those processes to work. Take control of your digital journey today. Learn more about the Flow mobile platform.

Put your processes to work

Put your business processes, not your business systems, front and center. Novacura Flow helps you take process-centric approach to your business: one that’s focused on helping you celebrate the things that make your business unique, without sacrificing quality. With Flow, you don’t just map your business processes: you put those processes into action by turning them into powerful, connected workflows that help you gather better data, break down silos and get more done. Learn more about business process management.

Connect everything together

Flow has many connectors that help you integrate everything with everything else. Leverage the data from all your systems, devices, processes and people to create powerful workflows that help you get more stuff done. Novacura Flow connects easily to databases, business systems, web services, IoT hubs and more. See a list of Novacura connectors.

Future-proof your business

Novacura Flow isn’t an IBM Maximo add-on: it’s a whole new dimension of business functionality. With Flow, everything is managed separately from your ERP. This means no hefty customization fees, no broken workflows when you update your ERP, and no lost processes if you decide to change systems in the future. Novacura Flow grows with your business, adapts to changes in the market and primes you for continuous improvement. Learn more about the Novacura Flow layer.

Other features

Real-time maps and GPS positioning

Augmented reality and remote guidance capabilities

Machine triggered workflows

Customer and supplier self-service portals

Barcode and RFID scanning

Contractor and sub-contractor management

What it looks like

Examples of how IBM Maximo customers use Novacura Flow:

  • Fault reporting: Easy creation of fault reports with all the required information including images.
  • Work order management: Planning and preparation of work orders, resource allocation, dispatch and document connections.
  • Work order reporting: Easy reporting of time, materials, actions and more for all types of work orders.
  • Preventive maintenance: Report any maintenance rounds, including inspection notes, photo documentation and creation of fault reports. You can also include equipment reporting, such as measurements and replacement parts.
  • Material management: Improve your maintenance inventory management with bar code scanning and inventory automation. Manage work order issues, returns, counting, arrivals, quality control and so on.
  • Contractor management: Manage all your contractors in one place. Handle purchase order call-offs, register start and stop on work orders, report work done, authorize reported time and work, integration with SSG Entre, create supplier invoices and more.

Talk to us today and find out if Novacura Flow is right for you. 

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