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Flow for ERP Systems

With Novacura Flow, you don’t have to choose between changing your business processes or customizing your ERP system. You can have it all.

An ERP is a big investment of both time and money. Some implementations take so long that by the time the system is up and running, it’s already outdated—and you have to start updating right away. That might have been okay in the past, before the Internet and e-commerce and Amazon, but it’s not okay now. These days, every business needs to be thinking about continuous improvement. And you can’t make continuous improvements to your business systems if it takes months to implement changes.

Novacura are experts in business systems and in helping people get the most value from their ERP investment. We know the technology, we know the applications and we know the business. Find out how Novacura Flow can enhance your ERP system.

IFS Applications is a great business system, but many customers don’t use it to its full potential.
That’s where Flow comes in: simplifying the complex, turning complex processes into simple apps, making things easier to understand for everyone… which means you can do more with your ERP with less effort. And best of all, everything is flexible, so if you want to change a process you can do that in minutes.

Infor M3

Infor M3 is a preferred ERP choice for manufacturers and distributors with complex value chains.
But if you’ve customized your Infor M3 ERP, you can run into problems every time Infor releases a new update. With Novacura Flow you can manage your processes and customizations outside of the system—saving you significant time and money.

IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo ERP is designed for companies in maintenance and field service. It provides a lot of features specifically for these industries—but it’s hard to customize the system to your unique processes. But with Novacura Flow, you don’t have to adapt. Map your processes with Flow, create your custom workflows, and connect those workflows to Maximo. Run your business on your own terms while still getting as much as you can out of your ERP investment.

SAP certification Novacura

SAP’s ERP offerings are detailed and powerful enough to handle the needs of even the biggest companies. But no two businesses are the same. Hiring SAP to customize your ERP is expensive and time-consuming: if you’re looking for a way to make quick changes to your processes, you need something much more agile (and less expensive) than that. And if you can do that through a simple, easy to use interface? Even better.


Jeeves is known for being a simple yet powerful ERP for medium-sized businesses. It’s a flexible system, great at customizing, but not so great when it comes to mobility. There is no easy way to design your processes in Jeeves and to get them mobile. The way their mobile client works is that you can take any field or such from Jeeves and use it mobile. But what you can’t do is to customize it the way you want it to work.

Other ERP systems

Other business systems

The great thing about Novacura Flow is that it works with every business system, every piece of software, every everything. If you can connect to the system through one of the many connectors that Novacura supports, you can turn that system into a powerful, process-based tool for continuous business improvement. Learn more about Novacura Flow.

ERP implementation

If you’re looking for experienced consultants to help you implement or upgrade your ERP system, we can help you with that too. Read more about our consulting services.

Find solutions for your industry

ERP solutions for the Manufacturing Industry


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Connect your ERP to your MES and other systems to create workflows and processes that are extremely powerful and deceptively simple. That improve product quality and traceability while cutting down on scrap. All you need is Flow.

ERP solutions for the logistics industry


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Imagine a warehouse where the reality is in sync with your systems. Where everything is mobile and 100% accurate. We can help you to use your creativity to design and realize your warehouse processes exactly as you want them.

ERP solutions for the field service industry

Field Service

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Get rid of paper forms and make your field service business truly mobile—even offline. Our field service workflow solutions help your technicians improve first-time fix rates, be more efficient and provide better service.

ERP solutions for engineering and construction

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Flow helps you manage both projects and processes through every stage of construction. Build steered workflows that ensure tasks are done right the first time—and that you’re collecting the right data every step of the way.