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BPM is a group of principles, methods and tools to design, analyze, execute and track business processes with the goal of getting more value out of them. This value might be internal—better efficiency, higher quality products, faster shipping times—or it might be customer value (better service, faster reply times, etc.).

The official definition of BPM, according to, is this:
“Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline involving any combination of modeling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of business activity flows, in support of enterprise goals, spanning systems, employees, customers and partners within and beyond the enterprise boundaries.”

Learn more in our guide BPM Basics.

  • Facilitate digital transformation efforts across business units
  • Maintain an agile process environment to keep pace with market changes and demands
  • Increase scalability of business operations
  • Increase capacity to respond quickly and build solutions faster
  • Better manage people, processes and data integrity
  • Gain flexibility of making changes to processes with minimal costs
  • Eliminate redundant task and automate work processes
  • Increase overall productivity

You can learn more about business process management in our guide BPM Basics.

Novacura Flow is a low-code, high productivity business process platform that can connect multiple business systems into a single, simple, user-friendly interface. Novacura’s low code platform helps you build, execute and optimize business processes to run your business the way YOU want to. 

Flow is built to support both top-down and bottom-up redesigns of business processes. The low-code platform puts the power of application development in anyone’s hands.
Flow can be used for mobile application development,  B2C, B2E, B2B application through Portal. Novacura Flow can connect to almost any program, database, web service, IOT hub, cloud service or business system. We currently support API, SOAP, REST and many other connectors. And if there’s a connector you’d like us to add? All you have to do is ask.
Flow is limited only by the imagination.

Start by evaluating your business processes.  Draw out your process through drag and drop in our low-code editor to get a ready-to-use workflow. Connect your workflow to your ERP or business system to get a powerful, custom business application. Run your applications on your preferred devices. You now have a user-friendly app that makes following business processes a breeze.

Yes, Flow works with any and all mobile devices: android, iOS, windows, browser based.

Yes, you can! The low-code platform helps embed the “citizen developer” concept into your organization and makes thinkers become makers. In other words, not a professional developer paid to code applications, but an “amateur,” someone who uses the tools available to him/her for building applications that the team can or will use for their purposes.

A mixture of saved costs for:
  • customizations
  • maintenance
  • low development costs
  • better acceptance of the system
  • less user errors
  • increase in productivity
This is different across customers, but the concept of measuring can be the same.
Yes, Novacura offers Flow development and consulting services.
Read more under our services page.

Yes, Novacura has customers who use Flow for this reason! Novacura Flow can be used as an integration layer to your current system. In the case of one of our customers, they have a mobile application that is used in the field that their users are already familiar with. Novacura Flow is utilized to send and receive their data from their back-end system.

Novacura Flow is an ERP agnostic system. With its extensive library of connectors, the Flow platform support all major business systems. We have customers on:

We also have customers connected into CRMs such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Dynamics and even standard SQL databases. 

Where there is a will, there is a way and Novacura does not lack the will. We have a Custom Connector which can be built out to any business system. A few customers use this to connect to homegrown solutions today. 

As an international company, Novacura understands the need of multiple languages in their own platform. Administrators in Flow have the ability to add and delete languages from the system at any point.

Always. Demos of our platform can be booked here or by reaching out to any sales rep. As our company continues to grow, so does our technology, therefore, demos are not limited to just prospective customers but are extended to current customers looking to expand functionality as well.

To start the process, click here to book a meeting or use our chat in the lower right-hand corner to start the conversation.
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Novacura Flow is written in C#.
Novacura Portal is written in Angular with Kendo UI.

An important part of Novacura Flow platform is the connectors. With the connectors, you can connect to advanced business systems without any coding or work with databases, web services, files and much more. Once a connector is configured, they can be used within a workflow to integrate your business systems. There are a multitude of connectors, but they can be classified into three categories: database, API, and technical. The database connector can perform any database operations for databases such as IFS. The business system API connectors execute methods for business systems. The technical connectors can perform different types of operations like REST and SOAP services, sending email, and generating files. It is also possible to develop custom connectors with .NET assemblies. Read more about connectors here.

This differs by complexity of the applications and internal customer processes. However, at one of our most recent customers, Novacura went live in 3 months for the customer’s EAM solution.

Standard installation takes about 15 minutes. Novacura Flow Server Manager is installed onto a server and configured to customer requirements. This can also be managed and hosted utilizing Novacura’s SaaS offering. Developers install Flow Studio to build and administer Flow applications. Flow Studio connects to the Flow Server over HTTPS.

End users access Flow applications using the Novacura Flow mobile app (which is available in the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store) or via web browser.

Yes. Each user is assigned a language on user set up. A workflow within Novacura Flow can be created for one or many languages. Based on the user set up, a user will be presented with the appropriate language through their workflows.

Yes. The subscribe function in Novacura is used to share applications between different Novacura Flow server environments. This makes the transition of workflows from test to production very simple. Also, automated testing in Novacura Flow can be setup in different ways, depending on the type of application that should be tested. Any integration flow can be exposed as a web service, which can be scripted and automated. There is also a possibility to script the execution of any workflow using workflow variables that simulates user input.

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