Innovative Business Process Management lights the way ahead for Vigor

Gothenburg, October, 2016

Novacura, a leading developer of next-generation Business Process Management solutions, announces its collaboration with Vigor, an innovator in complex fabrication, a specialty shipbuilder and a ship repair powerhouse with facilities throughout the USA’s Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

The result of this agreement is Beacon, a tailor-made solution for production staff planning with streamlined interdepartmental personnel management, and employee communication.  Beacon is based on Novacura Flow® and fully integrated with Vigor’s existing IFS Business System environment. Beacon creates value by providing a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of staff and resource availability and needs, in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.  In Beacon staffing can be planned at the project level by Craft resources or down to the person level.

Vigor are using Novacura Flow

Photo: Vigor

Mobility is a key factor for Vigor. A broad offering of products and services in a complex, multi-location environment makes it necessary to have access to and act upon critical information on the go. Basing Beacon on Novacura Flow, the Enterprise App, was a natural choice for Vigor thanks to its layer-based, mobile-native capabilities.
“We named the solution Beacon because it sheds light on what was previously unseen. What we do is the opposite of a desk job — supervisors and managers spend much of their time away from their desks. The staffing visibility provided by Beacon makes planning easier and more accurate as plans can be quickly updated as project needs change as well as supports the vision to provide project managers with access to all systems from their iPhones and tablets.  Beacon provides our VPs with the ability to see staffing needs by Craft across an entire business unit, location, or for a single project.  Beacon replaces Excel and eliminates the need to manually create aggregated staffing plans.  Beacon will also let us better plan our work, which in turn will enable us to better execute work for our customers,” said Leonie Markgraf, IT Director at Vigor.

Roll-out of Beacon began in September 2016 and will be implemented across Vigor’s facilities in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.
“While the software industry as a whole is moving rapidly towards an open, service-based and bimodal approach, it takes courage and vision to modernize your IT, especially in traditional heavy industry with a high degree of legacy investments. Vigor’s enthusiasm and clear strategy of what they wanted to achieve is testament to the strength in our offering, and we look forward to support their ambition to take process management to a new level”, said Novacura founder and CEO Johan Melander.

Novacura joined the IFS Partner Network in November 2015. Additional IFS customers who have recently joined forces with Novacura to bring business-critical processes to the next level include Damen Shipyards and Babcock.

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