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Retain the functionality of Jeeves while simplifying the process with Novacura Flow

Simplify your everyday work through mobility, reusable processes and automating those tasks where human integration is unnecessary.

Imagine you’re in a supermarket with a shopping list in one hand and a shopping basket in the other. You navigate your way around the shelves and counters, picking up groceries like a pro. It’s a bit like the way your business system works. You know the process by heart, you’ve done it all before. You know the software and modules to use, the fields to copy and paste, and the reports to print.
However, no matter how quick you are or how good you are at finding your way around, the time you spend putting groceries in your basket is still negligible compared with the time you spend making your way up and down the aisles.

Now imagine that when you enter the supermarket, all the shelves line up based on what you’re shopping for. You just need to grab the right number of products from the shelf and put them in your basket.

That’s similar to the way Novacura Flow makes your business life easier. Our software is doing the footwork for you through mobile apps, reusable processes and the automation of tasks where human input is unnecessary.

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Flow and Jeeves for improved efficiency

In Jeeves, much of the business logic is located at database level in the form of triggers and procedures in SQL Server, making it easy to retain the business logic while writing and reading data with Flow. As well as allowing Flow to do what a machine can do just as well for you within each process, you can also simplify adaptations in Jeeves by using Flow Designer to draw your flows.

With Novacura Flow as an overlying layer with connections to your systems (such as Jeeves, Active Directory, CRM systems and/or other databases, etc.), you can put together your own “recipe” that asks your users and your systems for the necessary data in order to carry out the process.
List of existing Flow connections

Thanks to the thousands of flows that have already been built into Flow for different systems, the most common business processes have already been designed. And because we are gaining more and more Jeeves customers, even more flows are being added that write and read from the right tables that have been specifically adapted for Jeeves. The resulting reusability is one of the benefits of having something to use as a starting point, be it warehousing, service, administration or something else.

Simpler, faster and less risk of errors

Another example of a “recipe” is when you’re in the warehouse and you see things on the wrong shelves. You write down on a sheet of paper which item you’re moving, how many, from where and to which shelf. You then go to a computer, log in to Jeeves in the Inventory Transfers software, look up your item and carry out the transfer. (You might have an adaptation here that shows you how many of this particular item Jeeves thinks you have on the relevant shelf.)

With Novacura Flow, you can just take out your mobile, choose the Inventory Transfers flow, scan the item, select the existing shelf from a list and enter the number of items and the destination shelf. And you’re done!

The same workflow could be drawn using the accompanying Flow Designer drawing tool like this, with the flow running from left to right:

So much more than just a warehousing system

We’ve taken a warehouse flow as an example, but that doesn’t mean that we just sell a warehousing system. Novacura Flow is like the icing on a cake: a layer that sits above your entire business system and can just as easily carry out processes for other modules.

If you would like more information, you can try out our product or contact one of our Jeeves experts direct.

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