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IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo is one of the world’s leading business systems for asset management and maintenance. With our business and system knowledge in combination with Novacura Flow you can simplify, automate and mobilise your use of IBM Maximo.

Novacura Flow for Maintenance

Optimised asset management and maintenance

Asset management and maintenance are two of our absolute core competencies. Being an IBM Business Partner, we can provide the competence and solutions you need to truly optimise the use of IBM Maximo. Our services range from business management to application management and support. Our solutions focus on mobility and user efficiency.

Services for your maintenance operations

Together with our asset management and maintenance experts, you can improve your operations by realising better processes, workflows and systems support. We help you all the way from idea to implemented solution. What we can do for you is more or less up to you. The list below describes some examples of the business management services we can provide:

  • Analysis of existing business processes and improvement suggestions
  • Business process improvements workshops
  • Definition and mapping of software support
  • Defining processes and workflows for execution in Novacura Flow

Business Apps for IBM Maximo

With our packaged solutions for IBM Maximo, you can improve the efficiency, usability and mobility of your business system. The solutions are all based on our platform Novacura Flow and from there you have instant access to the entire business logic of IBM Maximo. Create all the business apps you need to be mobile and efficient, in one platform.

Examples of applications

The solutions are all configurable to perfectly fit your business needs. The list below describes just a few examples of what you can do.

  • Fault reporting: Easy creation of fault reports with all the required information including images.
  • Work order management: Planning and preparation of work orders, resouce allocation, dispatch and document connectrions.
  • Work order reporting: Easy reporting of time, materials, actions and more for all types of work orders.
  • Preventive maintenance: Report any maintenance rounds, including inspection notes, photo documentation and creation of fault reports. You can also include equipment reporting, such as measurements and replacement parts.
  • Material management: Improve your maintenance inventory management with bar code scanning and inventory automation. Manage work order issues, returns, counting, arrivals, quality control and so on.
  • Contractor management: Manage all your contractors in one place. Handle purchase order call-offs, register start and stop on work orders, report work done, authorise reported time and work, integration with SSG Entre, create supplier invoices and more.

Using Novacura Flow

With the power of Novacura Flow you get all the capabilities that come with the platform, including

  • Run business apps on virtually any platform. Windows, iOS, Android, Web or Windows CE – the choice is yours.
  • Work mobile, in both online and offline modes.
  • Use different types of data capture, such as 1D or 2D barcodes, RFID, signatures, GPS or camera.
  • Integrate with your surroundings, such as machines, printers and external systems.
  • Use the web services in IBM Maximo to utilise all the existing business logic within the system.
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