Novacura signs new deal with Norwegian civil Protection agency

Novacura has signed a new deal with The Norwegian Civil Defence, which is part of The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB). The deal means that Novacura will deliver an integrated mobile solution consisting of IFS Applications and Novacura Flow for management of The Civil Defence’s information.

– It is vital for a department like the Civil Defence to be able to collect and manage all kinds of information in one place. With Novacura Flow, we gather all work processes in one software solution, says Aksel Jarlbäck, MD of Novacura Norway.

DSB Norway


DSB is responsible for developing Norway’s ability to prevent and manage accidents and crises. The agency employs 240 people in 20 different district offices across Norway and their headquarters in Tønsberg, and engage an additional 8000 staff members who is called in case of an emergency.

– With IFS Applications and Novacura Flow, the Civil Defence can in addition to managing all information also communicate directly with all employees and handle all reporting and documentation. The system also supports mobile processes.

The recruitment of extra staff is one area that the Civil Defence needs help documenting. Another area is to improve logistics management to simplify keeping and updating inventory.

– They are also in the process of improving their incident reporting. In case of emergency, it may be crucial to be abler to keep track of both people, equipment and resources in a single well-integrated system.

The Norwegian Civil Defence has previously used several different systems for different processes that failed to communicate effectively with each other.

– We are proud to be a part of DSB’s important work and look forward to work together to improve and streamline their information management, says Aksel Jarlbäck.

The system is scheduled to be operational in October of 2018.

Read more about the Norwegian Civil Defence 
The Norwegian Civil Defence has competencies, and is organized and equipped to render operative support to the emergency and rescue departments. The department provides training in the areas of response and rescue for own personnel and other parties within the Norwegian rescue services, and support to international humanitarian rescue operations and operate countrywide public warning service in the event of immediate danger. In addition, the civil Defence provides support to international humanitarian rescue operations.

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