Novacura is delighted to be involved in a great many new and exciting collaborations. RUAG Space is a company that recently opted to develop its previous Novacura solution, with the aim of eliminating manual tasks and reducing lead times.

Ruag SpaceRUAG Space is Europe’s largest independent supplier of space products to the industry, and employs over 1,200 people at sites in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, the USA and Austria. Key products for RUAG Space in Sweden are computer systems, microwave electronics and antennas for satellites, as well as adapters and separation systems for launchers. The company has its headquarters in Gothenburg, a unit focusing on mechanical systems in Linköping, and a site producing electronic systems in Tampere, Finland.

RUAG Space has turned to Novacura and Flow for help in speeding up and streamlining its manual workflow.
“We chose Novacura partly because it is an IFS partner, but also because Novacura offers a comprehensive solution that can utilise all the business logic available in IFS,” says Per Malmborg, Operations Developer at RUAG Space.

Ruag Space are using Novacura FlowThe solution, which is already in use, automates the scanning of items, BOM (bill of material) and documents. RUAG Space used to take a manual approach to this type of task, supported by proprietary script and a previous Novacura solution.
“This new Flow solution greatly streamlines our work by eliminating innumerable manual stages. An added bonus is that countless sources of error are also eliminated. As the lead time for gathering information in IFS is reduced, the reliability of the data in IFS increases. It is also an easy tool to use.”

There is plenty of scope for developing Flow, too.
“We see huge potential in terms of other areas of application as well,” says Per Malmborg.

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