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ERP Consulting Services

Successful ERP implementation depends on three factors: people, processes and technology. Novacura’s professional ERP consulting services provide expertise in all three.

When you’re spending significant time and money implementing or upgrading an ERP system, you want some assurances that the final product will help your business be better. Yet nearly half of all ERP implementations are unsuccessful, meaning that the end product doesn’t deliver the value that you expected. Why? Because the focus is mostly on the technology, ignoring the people and processes. If you want your next ERP implementation or upgrade to be successful, you need the experienced ERP consultants from Novacura on your side.

Novacura ERP consultants take a holistic approach to ERP implementation, assuring that the technology works—but also making sure your processes are optimized and your employees are ready for change. This approach, coupled with our low-code process platform Novacura Flow, helps you get more value out of your ERP system and makes your business better: more efficient, more flexible, and virtually future-proof.

ERP consulting services

Application consulting

Our expert consultants will make sure you’re getting the most out of your systems. We can help you make informed decisions on questions like ERP choice, customization and using all of your business systems to their full potential. We have extensive experience with a variety of ERP systems including IFS Applications, Infor M3, SAP, Jeeves and more.

Process consulting

Our process consultants can provide expert advice on how to optimize your business processes for the best results. We start by defining your “as is” processes, then help you develop the improved “to be” processes and map them to your business systems. This is where a great idea becomes reality.

Technical consulting

Whether you need help with database optimization, data migration, data security, mobile applications, connectors or any other technical aspect of ERP implementation, our skilled technical consultants are here to help.

Project management

One of the most important factors in ERP implementation is having an experienced project manager on your side—especially one with extensive ERP experience. Novacura’s project managers have years of ERP experience and are here to reinforce your project team and ensure that you realize your project goals.

Management consulting

Sometimes you need implementation and strategy. That’s when Novacura’s management consultants come in. We can help you find solutions to business- or people-related problems, leading to an implemented solution that creates positive change.

Don’t spend more time and money on ERP implementation than you need to. When you work with the ERP consultants at Novacura, you get years of industry knowledge and implementation capabilities, a large in-house team with a wide variety of skills and a proven track record of successful ERP implementations.

“Novacura has been boosting our operations for many years with support within areas where we ourselves lack certain expertise or resources. Novacura has sound knowledge of IFS and can provide reinforcement on the customer side. They supply us with both tools and consultants, enabling us to benefit even more from IFS Applications,”


– Eva Söderlund, Business Solutions Manager, Anticimex

Looking for ERP consultants to help with your next implementation? Book a meeting with one of our solution consultants to learn more about Novacura’s consulting services.

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