Combine human and machine tasks across workflows

Supply chain management solutions for manufacturing

Optimize every part of the supply chain with custom workflows, Industry 4.0 capabilities and advanced data collection.

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Manufacturing with Novacura Flow

What Novacura Flow can help you do

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Imagine if you could see what was happening in any part of the supply chain at any time. If you could adapt your processes on the fly, reduce scrap and improve quality—without changing or customizing your ERP, MES or other business systems. With Novacura Flow, you can create powerful, connected business processes for the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished product and beyond. Create workflows that combine human and machine tasks, collect real-time data, and connect everything back to your business systems. Optimize your shop floor for the way TOU want to work: with Novacura Flow, the only limit is your imagination.

Novacura Flow makes it easy to map, model, and optimize your production processes in every part of the supply chain. The result: less downtime, less scrap, higher quality products, better compliance and happier customers.

Order planning and resource allocation

Automatically allocate materials and resources to new orders, get automatic notifications when materials run low, and update schedules based on available materials.

Order reporting

Gather real-time data on all your manufacturing processes, from employee productivity to machine downtime to customer satisfaction.

Barcode scanning and RFID

The majority of bad data is caused by human error. Increase efficiency data quality with barcode solutions for inventory, receiving, WIP tracking and more.

Quality assurance

Improve the quality of your product with steered workflows, real-time tracking and custom applications that help manage your unique manufacturing processes.

Traceability and compliance

Achieve near 100% traceability and meet all current and future regulations with custom solutions designed for your unique business: real-time production reporting, barcode scanning solutions, steered workflows and more.

Manufacturing → logistics

Automatically allocate warehouse space for finished products, create shipping labels, and more. Flow enables you to create processes that span multiple departments, people, and business systems all at the same time. Learn more about our solutions for logistics.


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“We were immediately impressed by the flexibility and cost efficiency. And, above all, we felt that this was so much better than an off-the-shelf product – with Novacura Flow we got the possibility to customize everything according to our needs.”

– Mark Halbach, ERP Analyst, Lou-Rich

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