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Novacura Flow for IoT

Imagine: machines that can diagnose and fix their own problems. Maintenance that’s predictive instead of reactive. Data that tells you everything about a product, from raw materials to final sale—and beyond. It’s possible with Novacura Flow for IoT.

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Flow for IoT

IoT devices are great at collecting information. But once you have the information, what do you do with it? By using Novacura Flow to manage your IoT setup, you gain two-way communication between your devices and your business systems. Information seamlessly flows from device to system, system to device. With Flow, you’re not just collecting valuable data: you’re able to put that data to use across every part of your business.

About Novacura Flow

How Flow for IoT works

  1. Connect Novacura Flow to your IoT hub and your business systems with Novacura connectors
  2. Start collecting IoT data
  3. Leverage IoT data to improve your business processes

IoT Solutions with Novacura Flow

The IoT can enhance all your business processes with real-time data, advanced analytics, and improved visibility. Here are some ways you can use Novacura Flow to leverage the power of the IoT in your industry.

IoT for manufacturing

  • Remotely monitor and adjust machines based on sensor data
  • Create machine workflows based on IoT alerts
  • Create automatic fault reports triggered by IoT data

IoT for logistics

  • Achieve end-to-end traceability with RFID, smart sensors and advanced data collection
  • Vehicles sensors that report routes, schedules, traffic and weather conditions to the back office
  • Implement a warehouse barcode scanning system to improve efficiency and collect better data

IoT in maintenance and field service

  • Remotely monitor assets including machines, vehicles and tools
  • Create automatic work orders based on machine and sensor data
  • Offer predictive maintenance services to customers
  • Track and adjust technician routes in real-time

IoT solutions in engineering and construction

  • Achieve complete traceability of project assets, materials, inventory and labor
  • Create automatic schedules and time reports based on IoT data
  • Combine IoT, GPS and RFID for better inventory management
  • Payroll management and contractor billing based on real-time data

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