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Project Management Software for Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure

When you’re working on complex projects in engineering, construction or infrastructure, you need to stay on top of millions of details. Novacura Flow’s construction project management solutions help you manage the entire project lifecycle, from initial bids to ongoing maintenance, refurbishment and disposal.

What Novacura Flow can do for Project Based industries

What Novacura Flow can help you do

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Construction and engineering projects require extreme attention to detail. One wrong move can cause time delays, safety hazards, lost time and money. To manage large and complex projects in engineering and construction, you need a project management tool that can connect all your projects, teams and documents together.
A solution you can use to manage every project, but also customize to fit the needs of each project.
You need Novacura Flow. 

With Novacura Flow you can take control of your project delivery process. Automate data transfer, get an instant and accurate overview of the ongoing project and give the people throughout your organization simple tools for their daily routines. And Novacura Flow works wherever you are, whether you’re in the Norwegian fjords, the African desert or the middle of New York City.

Manage every project

Leverage the data in all your systems to create workflows, dashboards and reports that give you a clear and accurate overview of all your projects, in real-time—and then act on that data by building powerful workflows.

Comply with regulations

Make sure all your workers are following protocols—and documenting their progress—with steered workflows, photo uploads, interactive forms and more.

Ensure worker safety

Create custom processes to ensure your workers are always safe on the job. Collect and store the required information, and easily adjust your processes when regulations change.

Collect offline data

Novacura Flow works on any device, in all conditions: whether you’re working in the middle of the city or the middle of the ocean. You’ll never lose data because of a poor WiFi signal.

How it works

Novacura Flow works by combining the power of business project management with the functionality of your existing business systems—whatever they might be. You simply draw your business processes in Flow Studio, connect those processes to your systems, and deploy!

And if you need to change a process? You can do it yourself right from Flow Studio, and the change will be live in hours—not days or weeks like other solutions. Your business processes become easy-to-use mobile apps that workers can use access from any device. You get more efficiency, better data quality and a happier workforce.


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“With Novacura Flow’s offline solution, we can sync local data with the central server securely during the brief periods of good internet access (….) Our employees working at our project sites are extremely satisfied with the way the solution works.”

– Serimax

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