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Project Management Software for Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure

When you’re working on complex projects in engineering, construction or infrastructure, you need to stay on top of millions of details. Novacura Flow’s construction project management solutions help you manage the entire project lifecycle, from initial bids to ongoing maintenance, refurbishment and disposal.

Construction and engineering projects require extreme attention to detail. One wrong move can cause time delays, safety hazards, lost time and money. To manage large and complex projects in engineering and construction, you need a project management tool that can connect all your projects, teams and documents together. A solution you can use to manage every project, but also customize to fit the needs of each project. You need Novacura Flow. 
With Novacura Flow you can take control of your project delivery process. Automate data transfer, get an instant and accurate overview of the ongoing project and give the people throughout your organization simple tools for their daily routines. And Novacura Flow works wherever you are, whether you’re in the Norwegian fjords, the African desert or the middle of New York City.

The Novacura impact

With Novacura you can take control of your project delivery process. Automate data transfer, get an instant and accurate overview of the ongoing project and give the people throughout your organisation simple tools for their daily routines. And you can do it wherever you are, whether you are in the Norwegian fjords, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or in the African desert.

By using Novacura, companies can:

  • Get tight integration between PDM and ERP
  • Get tight integration between project management and ERP
  • Ensure good material management, and optimise purchases for projects
  • Ensure good time and cost management
  • Deal with replacement parts
  • Work in remote places
  • Carry out on-site material management


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Our applications

Example applications:

  • Transfer product structures from PDM to ERP
  • Integrated project planning and follow-up in Microsoft Project with live data from your ERP system
  • Mobilized time management, reporting both time spent on project activities and salary-based time
  • Off-shore inventory management
  • Off-shore maintenance management

Every application is defined by your business, is easy to use and is tightly integrated with your business systems.

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Solutions for your industry

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Manufacturing & Logistics Industry

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Our competence within the field of maintenance, together with our solutions, brings simplicity, accuracy, mobility and predictability to your maintenance business. And it puts you where you want to be: in control.

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Business systems are complex by their very nature and, as a consequence, are always underutilised. We are experts in business systems and getting the most out of your business systems. We know the technology, we know the application and we know the business.