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Asset Service Industry

Let your workforce concentrate on what they do best and let our solutions give them all the support they need, whatever they do and wherever they are. With our competence and solutions, we turn the most complex needs into simple and mobile solutions for your entire workforce.

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Energy, pulp & paper, mining, utilities, infrastructure and defence are all examples of industries where well-managed maintenance is a critical success factor. Our competence within the field of maintenance, together with our solutions, brings simplicity, accuracy, mobility and predictability to your maintenance business. And it puts you where you want to be: in control.

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The challenge

Over the last few decades, the service industry has evolved from a specialist industry into a mature industry with increasing customer demands, new regulations and intensified competition. The service business is still highly dependent on competent service technicians, but just doing a good job is no longer enough to succeed. Customers require an instant and accurate overview of work orders, equipment and facilities. They require SLAs that give them predictability in terms of both operations and costs. Ultimately, it is the service technicians that need to handle all these requirements. This, together with the increased complexity of the objects they have agreed to maintain and the company’s need to receive accurate payment for the work carried out, requires both process improvements and new tools.

The Novacura impact

With us you can let the service technicians focus on what they do best: carrying out good servicing. Our solutions are built for process improvement in the asset service industry.

Capabilities for Field Service workforce

  • Get an innovative and extremely easy-to-use interface with applications that support all field service tasks. Work order management, rounds, object information, and reporting time, costs and travel. Every aspect of your core business is covered
  • Build in support for complex customer agreements, reporting routines and other advanced business logic. All in the background, and executed when needed
  • Achieve a solution with close to zero need for training
  • Achieve 100% mobility – every task can be carried out in the field, from core business to support processes such as purchasing, HR, time management and issue management
  • Bring all relevant equipment information to those who need it, including documents, data, history and customer information
  • Use built-in maps, GPS positioning, file attachments, camera attachments and signatures
  • Work in both online and offline modes with retained functionality, making it possible to work anywhere, anytime
  • Handle complex service processes with multi-competence work orders and hand-overs
  • Use any type of device in the field. Phones, PDAs and PCs – it all depends on the business needs
  • Collaborate with suppliers and customers via web portals, e-mails and text messaging

Capabilities for Maintenance workforce

  • Improve overall maintenance operations and efficiency
  • Improve their usage of the maintenance ERP
  • Achieve efficient maintenance and audit planning in MS Project, tightly integrated with the backbone ERP system
  • Get an extremely easy-to-use platform for the entire maintenance process
  • Mobilize maintenance staff. Work orders, rounds actions and accurate object information – everything can be dealt with easily using any mobile device
  • Gain simple and secure reporting of maintenance codes and actions to obtain accurate and up-to-date statistics
  • Get easy, built-in process improvement that makes it possible to include new techniques such as total preventative maintenance (TPM), condition based monitoring (CBM) or Lean maintenance
  • Report work orders in both online and offline modes
  • Use barcodes or RFID to scan object information
  • Present simple fault reporting for all production personnel
  • Extend the maintenance process to contractors. Everyone works in the same interface
  • Establish efficient materials management, including barcode scanning, that keeps stock quantities up to date


Bw Offshore uses Novacura Flow

“Novacura Flow is fully in line with our ambitions to develop more applications in-house.”

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Our applications

Examples of applications that we can deliver:

  • Create fault reports for customers
  • Create fault reports in the field
  • Report work orders, including reporting time, materials, costs and travel, photo documentation and sign-offs
  • Report rounds and round actions
  • Instant status updates
  • Create purchase requests for work orders
  • Time management, including overtime, absence and leave
  • Incident reporting
  • General inbox for user tasks
  • A customer portal with a clear overview of ongoing work, equipment status, fault reporting and KPIs
  • Integrated audit project planning
  • Integrated preventive maintenance overview and planning
  • Create fault report
  • Work order dispatch
  • Issue materials for work orders (including bar code scanning)
  • Report work orders (online and offline, work completed, material usage, status changes, metrics, etc.)
  • Report rounds (online and offline, actions, inspections notes, fault reports, status changes, etc.)
  • Time reporting (both work order time and work time)
  • Contractor work order reporting

Every application is defined by your business, is easy to use and is tightly integrated with your business systems.

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Our competence within the field of maintenance, together with our solutions, brings simplicity, accuracy, mobility and predictability to your maintenance business. And it puts you where you want to be: in control.

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