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With Novacura Flow, you can connect all your business systems together, and use the data in those systems to create real business process improvement.

Imagine if you didn’t have to rely on paper forms in your business anymore. If you never had to manage calculations, schedules, or compliance with spreadsheets ever again. If you could enter data once and, like magic, it ended up in every place you needed it, exactly when you needed it to be there.

Legacy systems and outdated processes might have worked for your business in the past, but they don’t work in the present. Customers, regulators and investors are demanding more from your business every day: more efficiency, more transparency and more profits. If your business processes aren’t optimized, it’s very hard to reach your goals.

Novacura Flow is your solution to old systems and outdated processes. Flow helps you leverage data in all your different systems to improve business processes across your entire organization. No more scheduling errors. No more lost invoices. No more human error. With Flow, you are in control of your digital journey—and your business is virtually future-proof.

Novacura Flow Workflow Examples

Examples of workflows within different business segments that we support

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Manufacturing Industry

Combine human and machine tasks to create streamlined processes, reduce scrap, improve production quality and increase production uptime.

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Logistics Industry

Can you create a warehouse where everything is in sync with real-time data: packing lists, shipment schedules, employee hours, inventory, machines, tools, materials? You can with Flow. 

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Maintenance and field service

Create your own custom, mobile field service apps that do what you want, when and where you want—even in remote locations and/or offline.

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Engineering, construction and infrastructure

Build your own process workflows that combine scheduling, inventory, client information—whatever you need to do the best, most efficient job possible.

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Business process management on ERP

If your organization uses an ERP, CRM or any other business system, Novacura Flow can help you streamline your business processes and get more value out of your IT investments.

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“Implementing Novacura Flow saves us (…) 8 hours per day [on data entry]. Calculating 250 working days per year and an hourly rate of €40, it means a savings of €80,000 per year.”


– Arjen Hoefkens, Manager Business Solutions, Heerema Fabrication Group

“…above all, we see that discrepancies and returns are going down – we simply have more satisfied customers now.”


– Matt Hanson, Minco

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