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We deliver process improvement

We give you simplicity, speed and freedom. For any process and on any business system. For anyone and anywhere. Packaged in the Enterprise App™.

Examples of workflows within different business segments that we support

Why work with Novacura?

The companies we work with all face challenges in their businesses. At first glance, these challenges look fairly similar to those experienced by other companies within their industry.

But we like to go into greater detail, and that´s when it becomes apparent that each company’s challenges are unique. And the solution to overcome these challenges, turning a good company into a great company, needs to be equally unique.

With our BPM – business process management – concept you can add your own unique business apps on top of your existing business systems. This is simple and fast and gives you the freedom to work the way you want and the power to execute the processes you need.
With Novacura you can overcome any challenge and realise your world class processes.

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We deliver process improvement

We focus our entire business around process improvement. How you as a customer can improve your entire business by making your business-critical processes more efficient.
Thus, rather than having an industry focus, we have a process focus. And that is also why we divide our business support into six different process-oriented business areas.

Find out more about the area that is most relevant to your business challenges and see what we can do for you. Within these areas we serve many different industries, processes and functions.
If you have any need for improvements within these areas, or any other area for that matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you to realise your true potential.


Packaged in The Enterprise App™

Our concept for delivering process improvement involves packaging world-class processes into simple and powerful business apps in one innovative platform – The Enterprise App™.
No matter what your business challenge, our platform will support it. And it will connect your users to your business systems in the best possible way. With our Novacura Flow® platform, users will get the simplest interface, supporting the most efficient processes directly integrated with any of your business systems. In other words process improvement realised down to every piece of data.

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