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Collaborative processes

Digitalized collaboration across borders creates better processes. With Novacura Flow you can easily build collaborative applications and portals. Get a common workspace and control at the same time.
A good solution enables collaboration between people, departments and companies. And with customers, contractors and suppliers
One of the most fundamental parts of process improvement is collaboration – to get people working together to realise common goals. This collaboration is not just within a company, it extends to all participants in a business process – from the suppliers to the customers.

With Novacura Flow and the Flow Portal, we facilitate both process improvement and collaboration across borders. Our innovative platform makes it possible to create customer or supplier portals as well as case management solutions, just by configuring the process and the content of the solution.

The collaboration process

Some examples of typical solutions and processes where collaboration is a fundamental part:

Facility and work order portal 

Lets customers get an instant overview of ongoing work, invoices, facility history and key indexes. Customers can also log a new fault report, report an invoice remark or add a document.

​Supplier portal

It´s where suppliers can get an overview of their order and create e.g. a despatch advice.

Registering a new employee

The processes of registering a new employee. Execute all tasks connected to a new employee, including adding the person to the required business systems.

Segregation of duties 

Create processes that clearly segregates responsibilities between different roles. This could be anything from creating a supplier or a customer agreement to approving vacation for an employee. Ultimately, the correct information ends up in your back-end business system.

General case management

This is where you have one person registering a case which should be prepared, administered and managed by different roles in the organisation. This could be processes like incident reporting, document management or approvals of various kinds. And, as above, regardless of process the result is that the correct data ends up in the correct places.

Purchase-to-Pay, P2P

Managing the purchase to pay process. This includes everything from creating the supplier to final posting of the supplier invoice in the legacy system. And everything between. Distributed creation of purchase requisitions and orders, automating invoice postings, handling authorisation and authorisation rules, purchase order matching. Everything in the P2P process is supported by the platform.  

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