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The Novacura Layer

We are changing the rules for business systems. With our concept we put your business and your people in control. We give you the freedom to work the way you want and where you want, and to be as great as you want. No software should prevent you from performing better.

What is the Novacura Layer?

What we add is a layer on top of your existing business systems. A layer that is based on your unique business processes, where you can connect you people to your business systems - wherever they are and whatever they do.
In this layer we add two things:

  • Process applications that are built to perfectly match your unique business needs.
  • User interfaces that give your users an extremely easy-to-use tool that they can use anywhere, on any platform. 

The applications can be anything from a single business application where we add mobility, bar code scanning or automation to one critical business process, for example, to an overall business changing solution where we can improve your entire supply chain, your entire service business, or the foundation for how you work with business systems in general.

The Novacura Layer is based on the principles of BPM - Business Process Management - but it gives you more than other BPM solutions do.
With our platform and our competence, you can both realise the full potential of your existing business systems and create smart, easy and powerful process-based applications.

Welcome to Novacura!

Novacura Flow - the Enterprise App

Novacura Flow is an innovative, rule changing platform with one single purpose – to improve your critical business processes. With Novacura Flow we put the business and the user in focus and you can create intelligent and user friendly applications in three simple steps: Design, Configure, Run. Then you can focus on business improvement.

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Mobility is already there when you buy a solution from Novacura. It´s not a question of whether you should work mobile, it´s just a question of how. With Novacura Flow you create smart mobile business applications directly integrated with your business system. You can bring the data you need wherever you are and you can work online or offline. And you get all your mobile business apps in one place.

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Web & collaboration

One of the fundamental aspects of process improvement is collaboration – getting people working together to realise common goals. This collaboration is not just within a company, it extends to all participants in a business process – from suppliers to customers.

With our intelligent and easy-to-use web platform Novacura Flow Portal, we facilitate both process improvement and collaboration across borders. Our innovative platform makes it possible to create customer or supplier portals as well as case management solutions, just by configuring the process and the content of the solution.

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Take advantage of our experienced consultants to implement sustainable improvements for both your business processes and your business systems. And as an extension, we offer competent product- and solution support for our customers and partners.

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Business Systems

Business systems are complex by their very nature and, as a consequence, are always underutilised. We are experts in business systems and getting the most out of your business systems. We know the technology, we know the application and we know the business. 

IFS Applications is our application suite of choice, but with our platform and our extensive knowledge of business systems in general, we can improve the usage of any system in any of our supported environments.

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Office Integration

For those who want to work in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project and still have tight integration with the back-end system, we offer two different plug-ins for Microsoft Office. 

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