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Transparency and quick results

Over the years we have developed a method to deliver results as efficient as possible. It focuses on transparency and quick results.

Working together

We like to work closely together with our customers and partners to create trust, transparency and predictability. With this close cooperation, we deliver our solutions in short cycles in order to achieve quick results.
Over the years we have developed an agile method that supports this way of thinking and, in the end, has the same purpose as our platform – to improve business processes and put our customers in control.
We call it Novacura 4D™, which stands for Define, Design, Develop, Deliver.

Define - Design - Develop - Deliver
Define - Design - Develop - Deliver. Our method of delivering quick results.

How it is done

Novacura 4D is a scalable method that suites small projects as well as large ones. The four different phases takes you from understanding the actual business problem to implementing a working solution in shortest possible time.

1. Define

You have issues in your business that need attention; you need to improve your business. Most likely you can see the symptoms, but what is actually causing the problem? In this phase we help you see the problem and define a solution that delivers the improvement you want. Together we define the content and the scope of the project.

2. Design

Seeing is believing. The purpose of this phase is for you to get a proof of concept, to get something real that makes you comfortable with that we are implementing the right solution.
We make a design together and from that design we let you try an important part of it.

3. Develop

The development of the solution to implement is made in iterations and delivered in small chunks. As the nature of our platform is configuration, we can focus on delivering the most important parts first, for you to verify.

4. Deliver

No matter if we deliver a small or large solution, the organisation needs to be prepared and trained in order to fully establish an improved process. We make sure that your people are prepared.