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Customer stories

Novacura is doing well. We believe the reason for this is quite simple – we supply efficient solutions which enable our customers to work more effectively. You will find additional customer articles available in our blog.

We serve numerous customers around the world and within many different industries

Anticimex strengthens its organization with Novacura

Novacura has long been providing support for Anticimex’s existing business system solutions and consultants for many of the company’s important projects. The ongoing upgrade of IFS Applications has seen further intensification of this collaboration.

Jula uses Novacura Flow for digitalization

Jula has chosen to use Novacura Flow to support it´s digital journey. The first apps will enhance customer service in the stores e.g to serve customers on the spot and provide accurate responses more quickly.

Damen reap benefits of Novacura Flow with nine month ROI anticipated

Based in Gorinchem in the Netherlands, Damen has built and designed more than 5,000 ships and delivers up to 150 vessels annually. They wanted to streamline warehouse activities.

Heerema enjoying the benefits of Novacura Flow

"Implementing Novacura Flow would save 10 x 4 x 2 x 0,1 = 8 hours per day. Calculating 250 working days per year and an hourly rate of €40, it means a saving of €80 000 per year."

Aunde - Optimizing processes and making the most of office workers’ potential

Having to enter data manually into the ERP in the production department, lost inbound and outbound operation tracking sheets, human error while recording data — these were all problems Aunde was trying to address. The solution proved to be Novacura Flow.

Data worth its weight in gold: Implementing Qlik Sense at Bolix

Fast and convenient access to system data, near-instantaneous analysis and report generation, and the ability to collate and compare information of strategic importance to the company —  all in the mere three days it took to implement the analytics platform Qlik Sense at Bolix.

Improving logistics management — Novacura Flow at Rockfin

Many IT systems implemented to support management have exhausted their capabilities and cannot keep up with the dynamic development of companies and their processes. This was the challenge faced by Rockfin, an oil system manufacturer.

Improved operational reliability at Iggesund with Novacura Flow

Holmen´s challenge was to create a more user-friendly and effective reporting process for preventive maintenance and warehousing. 


Speaking about how it is possible to streamline processes and save money is Marcin Gudynowski, who is responsible for warehouse management and cooperative purchases at PESA SA.

Strict reliability demands led Serimax to choose Novacura Flow

Serimax offers welding solutions for companies that operate in extreme conditions and demanding environments, on land and at sea, worldwide. With Novacura Flow they have a solution that works offline. 

SweMaint - Secure and traceable process with Novacura Flow

Northern Europe’s leading company when it comes to repair and maintenance services for freight wagons uses Novacura Flow to measure up to customer requirements. 

Flow strengthens BW Offshore’s in-house development

BW Offshore is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of floating production services to the oil and gas industry. They were looking for software that could ensure data communication between ships and land, and they found Flow.

Novacura Flow improves Stadium’s e-commerce processes

When Stadium decided to develop its system support for its ever-growing e-commerce business, the company looked for a solution that would save time above all else. The chosen solution was Novacura Flow, which quickly led to efficiency improvements of more than 30 percent

Älvstranden - Budget systems for Excel fans with minimised risk of errors

Älvstranden Utveckling AB is a wholly-owned municipal company which manages and carries out the work involved in developing the districts of Norra and Södra Älvstranden on behalf on the City of Gothenburg. They wanted to keep working in Excel while eliminating the risk of errors.

Moduslink wanted a paperless inventory process

A large supply chain company based in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn implemented Novacura Flow (formerly Mobile Solutions) together with our partner Brainwave Associates.

For Lou-Rich, efficiency is constantly improving with Novacura Flow

American company Lou-Rich thought that they had found the best way to minimise inventory paperwork.

Specma Hydraulic - Barcode scanning resulted in higher levels of organisation and quality

In our continuous search for improvement, we discovered that an improved warehouse process could contribute to increased productivity in the warehouse and higher service level compliance for clients.

Alten – Sales support systems with capacity for expansion

As one of Sweden’s fastest growing technology and IT consulting firms, Alten arrived at a point where the manual sales system was no longer sufficient. The result was a system which automatically performs many tasks that were previously done by hand. 

New and customised workflows for Minco – thanks to Novacura Flow

Customised workflows, increased customer satisfaction and the right things in the right place. These are some of the benefits of Novacura Flow for American company Minco.

IFÖ - Robots carry out reporting work 24/7

Ifö is one of Scandinavia’s largest manufacturers of heating, ventilation and sanitation products. Production reporting needed to be automated and the result is high-quality information and a 24-7 operation without the need for human intervention.

Mobile handheld terminals boost efficiency at Sherwin-Williams

When Sherwin-Williams, one of the world’s biggest paint manufacturers, decided to streamline their stock management processes, they turned to Novacura. The result was a mobile solution with smart, user-friendly workflows that save time, reduce administration and make things easier.

Veolia - Client portal provides quicker action and more satisfied clients

Novacura helps Veolia with projects in property and industrial maintenance, with continuous efforts to improve and integration of various functions. To achieve this, we were commissioned to build a client portal for error reporting.

Park & Natur – Reduced maintenance costs paid for the project in the very first year

Over the years, a large number of adaptations had been made to Park & Natur’s IFS Applications system, resulting in significant annual maintenance costs. With Flow, we created a more efficient process and got rid of all add-ons in IFS.

Shorter lead times, higher service levels and time savings

This may well sound like a utopia, and even three concepts that seem impossible to combine. However, it has been the reality for the Veolia Group’s activities in Sweden for a while now, thanks to a partnership between Veolia and Novacura.

Simpler budgeting processes with Novacura Excel Integration

Sporting goods chain Stadium´s operations have expanded so their budgeting systems had become outdated. The budgeting process is now much simpler for controller Fredrik Andersson at Stadium, thanks to Novacura Excel Integration.