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Sauna giant Tylö becomes new customer of Novacura

09 Aug
The major benefits of managing and presenting their processes in an efficient way on a mobile platform and being able to use the system for external processes were strong persuasive factors in Tylö’s recent choice to use Novacura Flow.

Öhlins sees the potential of Novacura Flow

01 Jul
Simpler, faster and more secure – and a way to become even better. That’s why Öhlins Racing AB chose to take an overall view when replacing its existing warehouse management system. 

Are you a skilled and adventurous .Net developer with a passion for ERP?

12 May
Novacura R&D is looking for another co-worker. Apply today! 

Munters AB invests in Novacura Flow for its Swedish companies.

22 Apr
Munters is a global leader in energy efficient solutions for air treatment and climate control. Since its founding 1955, they had time to be 2,700 employees in 30 countries.

We have a diagnosis. We are Bimodal.

16 Mar
Have you ever had the feeling that you act in a certain way without really knowing why? 

Gantt in ERP — smart add-ons for the IFS system

02 Mar
Necessity is the mother of invention. And the necessities of business today are plentiful, growing in tandem with the rapid development of markets and technology.