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About us

Here at Novacura, we are experts in business systems and process improvement. With an overall view of the reality of different industries, we have solutions that can easily be adapted to suit each client’s unique requirements

We have the will and the ability to understand your reality – ranging from business requirements to technical details. With our comprehensive view, we support you in growing your company’s current and future competitiveness. As our client, you benefit from our long experience in ERP-systems and process improvement.

Our focused business areas are Field Sales, Field Service, Logistics, Manufacturing, Project Delivery and Maintenance. Based on our product platform, we build solutions adapted to your business. We have extensive experience and solutions for IFS Applications.

Some of our services/ products

  • Process improvement – we work together with you to create the best processes. We have the tools, knowledge and methodology needed for your process improvement.
  • Mobility – many processes and essential functions are becoming ”mobile”. Novacura have the best tools and ready-made solutions for your business needs.
  • ERP systems – we can help you with implementation, customisation and integration to make your transition as straight-forward, efficient and seamless as possible.
  • Extensions, Add-ons for IFS Applications – your business solution should work for you. Novacura provides ready-made processes and solutions to improve your use of IFS Applications. 
  • Support for IFS Applications – you are the most important part of our business so we offer an extensive range of services for assistance with IFS Applications through the Novacura support team.
  • We have extensive experience of and solutions for IFS Applications. To assist you we have highly skilled and experienced consultants with the capacity to provide professional services. You can look at some process improvements we have designed for other clients here>

How can we help you improve your business? Contact us!